Countdown to Wednesday

I’m fast getting out of the habit of blogging. It’s so easy just to let it slide and not do it. Sometimes I regret letting go of the old format but it’s for purely selfish reasons. If I wanted to know where I was/what I was doing/what I ate on any given day, I could look back and lo! there it was. Sort of like an insurance policy against senile dementia. Those days are gone and these are here so I’ll press forward and go with the flow and whatever other clichés I can manage to throw in. Onward through the fog!

Once again, I didn’t make notes so I have no idea what I did when, where I was any given day (I was home at night), or what I ate. I know I ate because I don’t remember getting hungry.

Let’s see…I didn’t go to Wally World like I usually do on Sunday. I had stocked up on romaine and spinach when I’d gone to pick up the oranges on the previous Thursday. It eats up a lot of my day off when I have to go out so it was a relief to stay home. I had my visit with my DD and resorted to using my ear piece so I could keep working around the house while we talked.

Monday, it was back to work and I was hit with all kinds of problems when I walked in the door. I knew it was going to be a hard day, anyway, because my late shift person was on vacation for the week and I was having to rotate the others so there would be coverage. It’s sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle when some of the pieces are missing. I never did get a meal break but ate at my desk while I worked. One of the things I concentrated on was how I could manage to take a day off to work at home. My boss said okay when I emailed and asked for Wednesday plus all of the week to come through Monday and I’ll go back on Tuesday, 10/21. Whew!

Another Monday happening, I called the produce place to see if they had gotten any better oranges in. Yes, they had and a box had been saved for me. I managed to make the ones I had last until Tuesday. That’s when I went to pick up the new box. I did a Wally World run for greens and met a lady in the produce department who is thinking about going on the Hallelujah Diet. I didn’t discourage her. Some of the people who have transitioned to raw started out that way so it can be a good bridge.

I went to my new favorite store, too. Its name is Goodwill and I love it! This time I got a suit and a jacket-with-the-tags-still-attached. I’ve been woefully short of church clothes and I have many mix and match outfits now.

CurvesWednesday, I got up and hit the kitchen hard. I went over the floor three times and it still needs more attention. I haven’t pulled out the fridge or the stove and don’t know that I’ll get to it before the relatives arrive. Contents of cabinets were emptied and a lot of stuff I don’t use was boxed up and put in the storage room. If anything is needed, it isn’t gone permanently. By the end of the day, my foot was very swollen and hurting. As it is, my feet look like they belong to two different people. My Curves sandals help a lot to provide support. I slept with the heating pad on my foot. The girls in the office keep telling me I need to have my foot x-rayed but I don’t know what that would do to help. It would tell me if something is broken but there isn’t a whole lot that can be done—at least no more than I’m doing.

Now, it’s off on a tangent. When I was a little girl and we were moving (which we did often), my mother dropped the tailgate of a trailer on her foot. Later, it was determined it was broken (the foot, not the tailgate). She went ahead and packed and loaded. Maybe I’m trying to measure up? Truthfully, I don’t want to have to pay out money needlessly. There’s barely enough to go around as it is. Next time merm and I go over my budget, I’ll have to add that clothing allowance he talked about before.

Thursday, I got caught and stayed almost an hour past my usual quitting time. I figured I’d take it off Friday. Yeah, right. I rushed to get all the loose ends tied up and got out maybe 10 minutes early. Ten minutes is better than nothing. My gas tank was getting on toward empty and the light on the dash was beginning to blink now and then. When I got to the station, it was already closed. I don’t know if they are closed closed or if it was just too late. I’ll have to see Monday (I’m not going anywhere tomorrow) and get gas somewhere else if they are out of business for the time being.

I got my poor swollen foot into my dress shoes this morning. Last Sabbath I parked close to the entrance so I didn’t have far to walk but I was nice today and left those spots for visitors. I shouldn’t have been so nice. With all the walking I had to do and playing the organ I was limping by the end of church. What added insult to injury was one of the spaces was never claimed.

A family was burned out of their home a little over a week ago and a list of needed items had been handed out last week. The mother wears size 16 to 18 clothes so I grabbed a couple of dressy dresses on the way out this morning. I’m going to go through my other clothes that have outgrown me and let her have them. It’s so nice to know I won’t ever be that large again.

Oh! I almost forgot! I was telling the girls in the office about my jacket-glue board tangle and one of them suggested OOPS! She told me where I could get it but I remembered (!) I’d bought some to take adhesive off the file cabinets when the office had been renovated. I brought it home with me but after reading all the cautions, I decided to try Melaleuca Solumel instead and it worked! It took the sunk in glue out and I have my jacket back. I keep forgetting to return the can of OOPS!…

The flea situation seems to be sort of under control. I’m can’t say they are gone because I still feel a bite and there’s a tiny black dot on my ankle. I haven’t seen any full grown fleas so I figure these are the residual pupa maturing but how long does it take? According to this site it could be months. EEK! Why can’t the remaining poison in the carpet kill the pupa? I dunno.

Well, that was my week. It had its high spots and its low spots. The oranges I got were better but not great. Guess that will make them last longer. Wednesday is when my loved ones will be getting here, hence the countdown.

Good night and sweet dreams!

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