Another Saturday night…

and I’ve got Twinkle. And fleas. I must say the latter aren’t bothering us. We have brewer’s yeast! We smell savory but we aren’t getting bitten except once in a very great while. I’m not taking it but I’m wearing it. But that isn’t why I’m writing. I’m chronicling the week’s (mis)adventures.

I didn’t get out in the sun last Sunday because there wasn’t any to be seen. I could see it was there behind the clouds because it was daylight but it was smooth cloudy all day with weepy skies. It never got around to actively raining. On the way to town, I stopped by and checked on Mother and the moisture had helped the looks of the grounds. I took my umbrella shopping but never had to use it. DD and I had our weekly visit when I got home. She and I chat on google talk off and on through the week so it isn’t like we don’t have any contact.

USPS notified me a week ago that merm was sending me a package. He wouldn’t admit to anything and said it must be a bug. I tracked the bug’s route until it got here yesterday. Do you know a package mailed to Tennessee from Bethpage, NY goes to Tampa, FL and then comes back? Strange but true. More about this later.

Monday dawned wet and rainy—finally! It was truly an answer to prayer. It set in and rained and rained and rained constantly for two days. My “rain barrel” and all my containers were full to overflowing. I was sure my tomatoes would be okay since the boxes have such good drainage but some of them are cracking. I chased ants out of one and went ahead and picked it.

Wednesday, I fooled around and didn’t do my vision therapy. I can tell a difference when it gets skipped. It was back to sunshine that day and I got out in it for 15 minutes. The same again on Thursday but yesterday it was too close to noon so I only stayed for 10 minutes.

I was telling the girls at work about my Neighbor Cat stalking me when his family is gone. I said I hated for him to be hungry but he wouldn’t eat what I gave him. I’d planned to stop and buy some regular cat food but one of my listeners said she had part of a bag her cats didn’t like and she’d bring it to me. She did and he was ecstatic when I put it out for him though he mostly has a lean and hungry look:

Lean and Hungry

One of the ladies from the church called me yesterday afternoon and said she was going to the store at the university and did I want anything. Yes! I had her get me brewer’s yeast and Bubbies pickles. Then for my friend’s roommate, I asked for some fake steak. I’m trying to lay in a supply of things for her in the kitchen at the nursing home. She’s a bit confused about what is fake meat and what is real because they have the frozen stuff for her and she’s more used to the canned. I know, it isn’t the best nutrition but the woman has to eat. My friend will eat meat when she’s in the mood for food at all so I’m not as concerned about her meals. I still take both of them melon and fruit sometimes.

There was a notice in my mailbox when I got home that there was a package for me on the porch. I got it and it was the “bug”! Inside the box was another box containing a snazzy new highspeed router! I immediately got it out and hooked it up. My computer wasn’t too sure about connecting to this new wireless connection but I persuaded it and shortly I was cruising along. It still isn’t lightning fast since I’m on DSL Lite but it’s faster than it was. I had opened a chat with him on google talk last night but he must’ve already gone to bed. This morning I caught him and here’s what he told me to do: consider it
“a birthday gift.
or, thanksgiving gift.
or sabbath gift.
or 8:28am gift”
I told him Labor Day is coming up and asked what do I get for that? He’s a very generous person to his old mother-in-law.

This morning, a distressing sight met my gaze when I went outside. My “rain barrel” had lost its balance and toppled over. All but maybe half a gallon of the precious water spilled on the ground. I set it back up but nothing is predicted for several days except isolated storms.

I’ve been getting some excellent mountain grown watermelons for about a week now. They are reasonably priced at $3 each. I can get two meals out of one and sometimes three. I’m gonna miss this good summertime food.

Church was shorter than usual. My friend had gone out to eat with her daughter yesterday afternoon and wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t there. I came on home and ate lots. For several weeks I didn’t want salad but I’m back on the salad kick. It had several little of MY OWN expensive tomatoes in it. Next year, it shouldn’t cost so much. And the year after that, it should be even less.

I checked on Ralphs and found their beloved cardboard was about gone. There was a box I’d set outside several days ago. I figured I’d use some of it. When I picked it up, the part that was on the ground was covered with grubs! So now I know how they got in the bin. I used the USPS box the router was in. No grubs on it!

My sister is back in rehab. I’d tried to call her this week with no luck but she answered the phone today. She was in a lot of pain. We talked less than 10 minutes but it was good to hear her voice. She is thinking she would do better at home but I don’t know who they’d get to care for her. Right now, she’s full assist. If it were me, I know I’d want to be home, too. It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz—“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” Makes me want to cry for her. My oldest sister has requested a family prayer petition that her pain would be relieved. I requested prayer for her at church today and my forum members are praying for her, too. There’s incredible power in prayer.

With that I will close this post and say good night to all. I don’t have to go back to work until Tuesday!

4 Responses to Another Saturday night…

  1. Angela August 30, 2008 at 9:59 pm #

    Happy Saturday 🙂 I agree that there is incredible power in prayer. Enjoy some rest this weekend!
    Angela (

  2. Tommie August 31, 2008 at 8:21 am #

    It’s back to the regular duties for me. I had my 24 hours rest-from-the-usual yesterday.

    Enjoy your adventure with the durian! I chronicled mine here.

  3. Anonymous August 31, 2008 at 9:10 pm #

    Enjoy your rest Tommie! Your are lucky to have such a good sil.


  4. Tommie September 1, 2008 at 8:10 am #

    Yes, merm is a good sil. I’m a lucky person to have him in my family.

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