Switching to Saturday Night

Thursday night came and went with no post because hackers had taken the server down and it didn’t come back up until I was already late for bed. Then last night I had a sore throat for the second night in a row. I decided with the shorter days, I’ll do my weekly update on Current Events on Saturday night. No biggie but I thought an explanation was in order.

A week ago today is when Marius Serban had our church service. He has a most inspiring story and it was nice to have him back “home”. He hadn’t been there for several years. It was like having a long-lost nephew visit. He sings beautifully and has his web site Light Your Hope.

Going back to before the church service began, I’d slipped out to the bathroom and went into the Mother’s Room to call my friend to see if she wanted me to pick her up. One of the ladies heard me talking to the nurse because I wasn’t getting an answer and let me know she was already there! She’d been brought in while I was stalled.

There were several people from the community but none of them stayed for the fellowship meal. I ate the leftover salad later but I gave away a gallon of chunked up watermelon.

Sunday was spent doing my regular Sunday things. I lay in the sun for a whole hour. DD and I conversed until I had to go to town. On the way, I stopped and checked on Mother on her 104th birthday. I did a little manicure work on the weeds and left.

My box of oranges had spoiled quickly even in the fridge. The lady at the produce place gave me 1/4 off the box I bought that day. These are doing better though I had a fatality when I was unpacking them. An orange on the second tier was smashed to smithereens and couldn’t be saved.

Monday was a very busy day. It also turned out to be the last day I had to go to the bank and post office because the regular person had her wheels back on Tuesday.

My sister in the Great Northwest had a busy Tuesday. She was moved to rehab in the morning and we were all notified. Before the day was over, she was back in ICU with an internal bleed and pneumonia. Fortunately, it wasn’t as serious as originally thought.

On Wednesday, I actually did my vision therapy. I haven’t been doing it as faithfully as I should but my eyes still remember what to do. I think it’s educating the brain as much as the eyes themselves, anyway. It’s amazing what the exercises can do to improve the way I see.

Since I wouldn’t be at work on Thursday and the (BOOOOOOOOO! Hiss!) Annual Competencies were due on Friday, I hurried and finished them up. I handed them out, got them back and they were signed, copied, and in HR’s box before I was through for the day. If all goes as planned, I’ll have one more go-round with them and then they will be a dim memory.

I left work early and got my hair cut. I’d had it cut elsewhere while I was on vacation in June and I’d whacked on it myself a time or two since. My hairdresser was amazed at how long it was. I told her it was well-fertilized. I’d had a hard time communicating what I wanted even with pictures and always ended up having to modify it here and there when I’d get home. This time, I just told her I wanted it short enough to spike and, by George! I think she got it. This one was a home run. I was her last appointment of the day, too, which probably made a difference. There was no one else in the shop and no distractions.

The messages about my sister were encouraging so I hazarded a call to her that night. We talked for about 20 minutes and she sounded much better. I went to bed relieved.

I had my alarm set for 4:45 Thursday but woke at 4:30 and got up. It was the day for my Web 2.0 class and I walked out the door at exactly 7:30. I’d planned to leave no later than that. I did a drive-by of Mother’s grave and went on down the valley seeing my aunts’ houses and the one where my brother-in-law was born before getting to the railroad tracks—and there was a long freight train passing by. I hadn’t counted on that. The rest of my trip was spent wondering if I’d make it on time.

It was a couple of minutes before class was to start when I pulled into the parking lot. I was ‘way up the hill from the building and hoofed it in as quickly as possible. The bathroom was on the same floor as the classroom. I figured I’d be a little late but not bad if I stopped in there. I knew I’d be a lot more comfortable. I pictured myself having to skulk into the room with everyone LOOKING at me. For some unknown reason, the entrances seem to all be at the front of the room. Never the back. Oh, well. I’d lived through worse.

After asking a couple of people for directions, I found the room. It was dark and no one was there. I thought, “Is it the right day? Has the class been canceled?” The nice man turned the light on for me and told me to have a seat at one of the workstations. There were six or eight in the room, I don’t remember for sure, but I took one closest to the door on the first row.

The instructor came in and welcomed me. I signed the sheet and saw I was one of six people who’d requested to be included. He assured me the others would be along shortly. It seemed to be a very casual setting. Sure enough, three women soon popped in the door and said they’d been in the wrong room all along.

We got started and the information was very interesting. I found out he uses Flickr (as I do) but he has a Pro account with something like 4500 images and it’s all organized. I have 197 and they’re all just flung up there. I’ll have to go Pro soon because the free limit that can be viewed is 200. And now I want Photoshop Elements. Oh, woe! I’m downloading the trial version but at more than 450 MB, it’s going to take some time on my poor little DSL Lite.

We looked at all the things Google will do. I think gmail got short shrift but I’m prejudiced. Practically unlimited storage plus the powerful filter, built-in chat AND the ability to use it either as webmail or POP PLUS it’s free makes it just about perfect in my book. But, hey! That’s just me.

We set up iGoogle and I put a nice image on mine today. Neat!

ZOHO is something I want to explore. He showed us a boatload of sites that are free or have free versions. I won’t go into them tonight. It’s getting late.

I sat in the car and drank my OJ/peach smoothie.

After I left there, I made my way to the market out at the university. I called to see if I could find anyone home at DS1’s house but got the answering machine. I’d gotten an email from my niece with her phone number so I gave her a call and we ended up talking for a long time. She’s been taking care of my BIL while my sister is incapacitated. My BIL’s car had gone belly-up on Tuesday so he’d spent Wednesday shopping for a new one. He got a Jetta since he’d had such good service with his old one. She said he looked handsome driving it.

My one notable purchase there was a Mennonite watermelon. The good watermelon picker outer verified I’d chosen one that was “probably” a good one. I saw my raw foodist friend working in the deli. They didn’t have anything that qualified as raw food that day.

I sat down at one of the tables to eat my watermelon but it was obvious I needed to be outside where I could spit the seeds. It was supposed to be a seedless melon but it still had lots of little white ones. When I got to the picnic table, it was occupied. I got in the car and started eating and spitting the seeds out the window. After a bite or two, the couple got up and I nabbed the table.

I was disappointed to find no mangos at the Asian market. This will be known as 2008, The Summer of No Good Mangos. I have yet to find one good enough to make Fred’s Mom’s Salad. There was a watermelon on the counter and you know me. I bought it but when I cut it the next day (yesterday) I found it was rotten. I’m sure they’ll make it good. I don’t know when I’ll be back is the problem. I got some longan and lychee, too. They’re good.

It was on to the organic market but there were no Bubbies Pickles. Another disappointment.

I didn’t go to Aldi. I couldn’t think of a single thing I needed from there and I could use the time better. It was on to Wally World and home. A full day, for sure. That night I went to bed with a sore throat.

Yesterday was spent catching up and my throat was sore again last night. Too much activity and not enough rest does it to me every time.

Last night, I felt something biting my legs and when I looked down I was horrified to discover FLEAS! I’d read that a light over sticky paper will catch the critters so I got my desk lamp (my Christmas gift from the neighbors) and an LED bulb I’d bought on eBay. I had some Catchmaster sticky paper so I set the whole kit and kaboodle on the floor and turned it on. The bulb burns cool and it’s been on for more than 24 hours now. And it does work! Those fleas (especially the young ones) are drawn to the light like a magnet to a refrigerator door. Much more and I’ll have to get out another sheet. I sprayed Twinkle with a tea tree oil-based spray. She didn’t appreciate it but she isn’t scratching, either. There’s an occasional flea now but nothing I can’t cope with.

I woke in the early early this morning and considered not going anywhere but I got ready and went to church. I didn’t feel good at all sitting at the organ. The ceiling fan was on full blast over the pew where I usually sit so I took my stuff and sat on the back row until the closing song. There was a fellowship meal and a baptism but I brought myself home. I lay in the sun for a half hour after I ate.

When I’d had my last meal of the day, I went to bed for almost two hours. It was 86º in the bedroom but I was able to sleep. I thought about getting up and turning on the a/c but I was beyond moving at that point.

I’ve used up my leeway earned by my nap and I need to fly back up. This has turned out to be about twice as long as it should be. There are dishes in the sink but they can stay there until morning. I’m going to bed. Good night!

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  1. Fruitloop August 24, 2008 at 7:21 pm #

    Tommie, I read part of your blog today, but am so pooped from being outside all day today; I will read the rest tomorrow. I am sorry about the hackers!


  2. Tommie August 24, 2008 at 7:29 pm #

    I don’t blame you for giving up. It is ‘way too long.

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