My Square Foot Garden Update 4

Before I get into my every-other-weekly update, I want to acknowledge what would have been my mother’s 104th birthday had she lived to see it. She used to joke that she would live to be 104. She didn’t but she does live on in the hearts and minds of those who knew her and loved her. Recently, my sister in the Great Northwest dictated a message to all the sisters from her hospital bed. “I loved growing up in our family with Mother and felt like we never lacked for anything. I loved our Mother very much and miss her, and appreciate the values that she raised us with.” On my way to town, I stopped at her grave and pulled the few weeds the mowers had left behind. As a little extra, I groomed my grandparents’ graves, too.

And now to the update. There have been no more tomatoes with rotten spots. I watered thoroughly with epsom salts and rainwater (I don’t have much of that left) and that may or may not have helped it. At any rate, the tomatoes are looking good. This is an Early Girl that’s almost as ripe as I like it.

Mother's Birthday Early Girl

More Early Girls:

Early Girls

And yet another one (I think these are Homestead, an heirloom variety) that’s practically “there” plus one for later:


Another variety is Mr. Stripey, also an heirloom tomato. If you click on the picture it will open to the full sized portrait. You’ll be able to see the stripes starting to show up.

Mr. Stripey

This is my cinnamon basil that got uprooted and survived:

Cinnamon Basil

It’s doing the best of any of the ones planted in the garden.

I have a lone sweet basil plant in a container:

Sweet Basil

Then there’s the tomato plant that was broken off and I rooted it in a bowl:

Hydroponic Tomato?

I’ve given it fish emulsion and worm tea along with the other plants and even though it looks kind of sick, it has produced a tiny tomato! One of these days I’ll plant it in dirt. In the meantime, does it qualify as hydroponic??

Speaking of worm tea, I did my Sunday ritual and took the top bin out so I could get to the juicy stuff. What I found was Ralphs on a raft adrift in a sea of their liquid:

Ralph's Afloat

There are lots of baby Ralphlets, too, but I didn’t get any of their pictures.

Here’s the tea reflecting anything and everything around it:

Reflections on Worm Tea

I poured it out into a bucket and added some precious rainwater to it then put it in the watering can and let the plants have it. I managed to stretch it far enough to give my mint a taste. At the bottom of the bucket when everything was drained out of it, there were two Ralphs! I foiled their escape plans and put them back in their home.

Next time, I will have feasted on the fruits of my labor!

2 Responses to My Square Foot Garden Update 4

  1. Fruitloop August 21, 2008 at 1:53 am #

    Cool fruit Tommie! I love the pics of the ralphs! Its like a science experiment.
    Enjoy your yummies.


  2. Tommie August 22, 2008 at 5:48 am #

    I had a couple of “my own” tomatoes in my salad yesterday. What a novelty! And I discovered Ralphs don’t always survive the addition of food. I’d put something very liquid in there and some of them perished. I’ll have to be more careful next time. I don’t want any more casualties.

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