It’s Friday again and I’m so glad.

This is a week’s worth of time I’ll never get back. I didn’t make notes. I didn’t have time and I wasn’t so inclined anyway.

To say it’s been horrendous would be the understatement of the year. I just thought I had stress before.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Sunday, I managed to get some sun. I’d called the produce place about oranges and they didn’t have any smaller than a size 56. I told them to save me a box of what was supposed to come in the next day. I was glad I didn’t have to go to town.

That night, I don’t know if I dreaded going to work the next day so much I couldn’t sleep but I took a melatonin about 1 am. A side effect was it relaxed my bladder, too, and I was able to get more, better rest between trips to the bathroom. I’ve been taking it each night. It’s not something I want to do but my body must not be manufacturing enough of the hormone on its own. If room-darkening shades wouldn’t block the air flow, I’d try to get some. Neighbors on either side of me like to have the outside bright as daylight. One of them has a light that cycles off every five minutes for a second or two and then it comes right back on. Why, I don’t know. I guess they think it will scare away intruders. It’s supposed to be a motion detector thing but it’s set to pretty much stay on.

The days from Monday through yesterday were all pretty much the same. I’d try to answer questions about the schedule and when (or if) they could ever get back to what’s called full time—37.5 hours a week from 32. Mid-afternoon I’d go outside to eat my watermelon and have half an hour’s peace. Yesterday, I’d barely gotten seated when it started sprinkling. I wasn’t about to go back to the hospital so I went inside to the dining room and ate in there. The tables are high enough to accommodate wheelchairs, I suppose. The chairs are low enough for a regular table. Between the two, I felt like a very small child who needed a couple of Sears and Roebuck catalogs to sit on.

Monday afternoon, I flew down the mountain on the other side and got my oranges. I’d been quoted a price that was considerably cheaper than what I was being charged. Upshot was they let me have them at their cost and I saw the invoice that proved what it was. I’ll not repeat my Monday shopping if at all possible. The stores were sold out of a lot of produce. I got what I absolutely needed and headed home. It was one of the few times I didn’t stop by the cemetery.

Tuesday, the DVR replacement came as predicted but I didn’t have time to switch them out until Wednesday. I boxed the defective one up this morning and sent it back via UPS. I’m still in the process of getting my Favorites back in.

A week ago, I made a terrible discovery. I recorded “Hopkins” on Thursday night and I’m hooked. I wish it weren’t just a summertime replacement. Last week, it was about a woman who needed a bi-lateral lung transplant and last night a young man had a heart transplant. I thought I don’t really know about stress after all.

Last night I spent my blogging time uploading pictures for Sunday’s post. You’ll just have to wait and see what it is. As for my three year anniversary pictures, I’ll try to get them up Sunday, too. I haven’t had the time or incentive to post them. If there’d been an improvement, okay, but I think last year’s looked better. I didn’t have the biking shorts I had on before so I made a couple with my bikini bottoms and I may or may not post them in this public place. Then, again, I might just post them in my gallery on the forum. Only members can see them there.

Today, I wasn’t able to leave the office at all except to visit my friend in the nursing home (she finally came back today since being gone June 23 on) and go to the bathroom. No outside time. I had to work backup. I’m still playing with the schedule and am going to have some of the shifts working longer hours and fewer days. It’s the only way it can be covered with the number of people available.

A couple of days ago, someone told me about a packing shed on the mountain where I could get locally grown tomatoes for very little compared to what I’ve been paying. I stopped by today and got a box of tomatoes, a few Romas and four cucumbers. When I got the ‘maters home, I discovered they are mealy. They also aren’t ripe so I can only hope time will help. You get what you pay for? I don’t have to go back and my tomatoes are growing and blooming and setting on fruit!

Ralphs are doing fine. The other day I opened the container and the temperature was several degrees hotter than outside. It was in the sun so I took a syrofoam cooler plus a box and shaded it. It still has air flow. Much better.

I’m so glad it’s Sabbath. God has blessed us so much with a full 24 hours when we can shift gears and forget all the trials and tribulations of the week. Thank you, Lord, and happy Sabbath to everyone!

4 Responses to It’s Friday again and I’m so glad.

  1. Fruitloop July 13, 2008 at 2:00 am #

    Happy Sabbath Tommie. Wow, you were busy!

  2. Tommie July 13, 2008 at 7:53 am #

    I wasn’t the only one, evidently. The leader in Sabbath School stood up and said, “How many of you said ‘I’m glad it’s Sabbath’?” All of us raised our hands. Then HE proceeded telling about the stressful week he’d had!

  3. Jackie July 13, 2008 at 10:19 am #

    Stressful week – seems to be a virus going around and here it is summer when things should be more laid back. Sigh! hope this one is a better one.

  4. Tommie July 13, 2008 at 3:04 pm #

    You said it! I hope, so, too. Sorry about the virus. Avoid it if you can.

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