Update Number Three

“They” say that things come in threes. As I see it, this will be my last personal update until the regularly scheduled one on Friday. You never know, though. I may pop up with something else before the day is ovah. That last word is Iron Chef talk.

One more thing I took away from my visit…the pastor’s wife and I were standing outside talking just before I left. She said they were camping out recently and the animals weren’t wary of them like they were the meateaters. She wondered if their smell was different. I’m sure it is. She’s becoming more aware of what they eat as vegans and is phasing out processed foods with additives (which is almost all of them). One of the kids dropped a corn chip on the ground and was going to give it to one of the wild turkeys that had wandered in. She yelled, “DON’T GIVE THAT TO THE TURKEY! IT WILL MAKE IT SICK!” Then she stopped to think she was feeding her own children things she wouldn’t feed the wild animals. A wakeup call, for sure.

After the rain stopped along about sundown, I thought that would be “it” for the night but no! I woke up to the sound of the drops drumming on a garbage container I’d turned upside down on the steps. It was like the Chinese Water Torture and I thought about going out to move it but covered up my head and went back to sleep instead.

Time’s getting away from me. I’ve taken the rest of the deodorized coconut oil I used to use for cooking out of the five gallon bucket (that’s the only one of that quantity I ever bought, by the way), utilized my hairdryer to melt what was left sticking to the sides and bottom, and put it in a container for soapmaking someday at a later date. I poured in as much rainwater as it would hold and it’s sitting on the concrete pad where my little garden is. Twinkle seems to like it more than the raw version so I’ve put a little out so she can cut down on the hairball hocking.

I checked on all the Ralphs, too, and they are doing fine. Tonya Kay named all of her worms “Bruce” so I figured I’d go with Ralph. One day when I took the lid off, I was enveloped in a cloud of fruit flies. I said, “That’s enough!” and struggled outside with the container. I’m glad I didn’t get a bigger one. This one weighs a ton. They still haven’t done away with the last stuff I put in there but I think I’ll blend up what I have today and put in there, anyway. Maybe they aren’t too crazy about watermelon rind. Tonya feeds hers every three days so I might be feeding them too often. Live and learn—as long as I don’t kill the wormies.

My sister goes to Classes. She’s 18 years older than I am and Still in School. She figures it keeps her mind active and that’s important. One effort at Ongoing Education is a Nutrition Class and one night last week it was about raw foods. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Last night I attended the nutrition classes, or whatever they might be called. It was raw food night, pointing out the importance of saving enzymes, rather than destroying them by heat. The teacher prepared several dishes, most of them complicated, and she used a number of expensive ingredients, such as macadamia nuts. I don’t even buy a small jar of those just for snacking! I believe I’d rather just have my raw things in salads, or eaten out of hand. Anyway, tonight is cooked food, so we see what gives.

I think the teacher must’ve been teaching Hollywood Raw (aka RICH) or Atkins Raw (low carb, high fat). That’s not what I eat (except for yesterday when I had ‘way too much mac cheese). And when you do eat raw, you learn to buy things in quantity and that cuts down on the price. There’s a raw food network out there and we share resources so everyone benefits. The teacher needs to learn about FRUIT! That and greens should be the primary focus and quit trying to create raw clones of cooked addictions. And when I say FRUIT, most people think of apples and oranges. There’s a wealth of sweet fruit out there but it’s not the only kind. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and the list goes on. The variety of what a proponent of 811rv eats is staggering!

Well, folks, I have eaten up a lot of time already and have barely started on my day. Better get moving! Check in tonight for Part XXXVII of the ongoing saga of my life leading up to eating raw…

5 Responses to Update Number Three

  1. Fruitloop June 29, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    Interesting about your sister. Yes, her teacher must have been preparing Hollywood raw. It is all about addictions isn’t it? (I mean the complicated, overly flavored dishes).
    I am going to have to check out Tanya Kay’s website. I saw it awhile back, but thought she was neat, but I couldn’t relate too much to her. Maybe, I was being too critical.

    Great imagery about with the line about the water barrel!


  2. Tommie June 29, 2008 at 12:29 pm #

    Tonya Kay is one interesting woman. Her appearance is somewhat deceiving. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.

    Are you talking about the drip drip drip of the rain during the night?

  3. Fruitloop June 30, 2008 at 12:06 am #

    I meant this part

    ‘After the rain stopped along about sundown, I thought that would be “it” for the night but no! I woke up to the sound of the drops drumming on a garbage container I’d turned upside down on the steps. It was like the Chinese Water Torture and I thought about going out to move it but covered up my head and went back to sleep instead. ‘

    As for Tanya, you are right. Appearances are deceiving. I read three of her last posts and I have to say, she sure has her head on her shoulders.


  4. Tonya Kay June 30, 2008 at 10:59 pm #

    Bruce is happy to know about Ralph. Welcome to the family! Oh, and about the fruit flies…being a raw vegan, I have a LOT of fruit ripening in the kitchen and that really draws in the flies. Then, leave a little too much ferment in the top of Bruce’s tower and a little to much tea in the bottom and you’ve got fruit flies taking up residence! It really is easily corrected and I know you are finding your way, but the one little trick that works wonders has always been to fill a cup about 1″ with apple cider vinegar. Then secure a small plastic bag around the rim with a rubber band. Push the plastic baggie down to about 1/4″ above the vinegar line and poke a hole big enough for fruit flies to get through. They love the fermented smell and they can’t figure how to get back out. It’s a total trap. Best wishes!

  5. Tommie July 1, 2008 at 6:15 am #

    Oh, wow! A comment from The Creature herself! I am in awe! I’m a huge fan of both you and Bruce (or should I say Bruces?). Thanks for the welcome. The wormies are fascinating. I’d like to get a tower like yours someday but what I have is working.

    I have some fruit fly traps that use the apple cider vinegar but the critters seem to prefer the fresher stuff. All the raw vegans seem to have fruit fly problems. When merm is here, he hunts every one of them down (the fruit flies, not the raw vegans) and does them in. He built numerous traps of different kinds and some worked, some didn’t. My Evian bottle seems to work as well as any. It’s empty right now but I’ll put some vinegar in it today. Watch out flies!

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