It’s Friday and I’m stocked!

If I couldn’t go anywhere for a week I’d be okay, I believe. I have enough food to do me even without bananas (which I have, too). The bananas would be the critical thing but it isn’t winter. It’s SUMMER! and with that comes all the delicious nutritious salivary gland stimulating FRUIT!

Oh, okay. We’ll go back to last Sabbath. The sermon was provided by a DVD preacher and it was good in spite of being pre-fab. My friend had already told me she wanted to be left alone to rest so I came on home and got to lie in the sun for half an hour!

On Sunday, I got in a full hour of sunshine. The luxury of it all! I even got some more done on the house. It was the day before I had to go back to work. During the couple weeks I’d been home, I made two trips to town, two to the roadside market (which is only a couple of miles up the road), and I went to church both Sabbaths. I could get used to that.

Monday, it was back to work and I had Stuff to go through plus going on 300 e-mails in my Inbox. I’d taken my shoes so I could walk but I didn’t get to. Wonder why?

I’ve already told about Tuesday, my third anniversary, here.

Wednesday was Department Head Meeting day. Just full of bad news. No raises this fiscal year unless there’s one in the fall. I’d heard the end of the calendar year before but either one isn’t now. Hours are to be closely watched with any overage at all justified to the nth degree. Flexing is the watchword.

Another thing that came up later in the office and was confirmed was the hours in my department are being cut from 37.5 (supposedly full time) to 32 (barely qualifies as full time). Understandably, people are upset. It’s the only department in the hospital that’s experiencing it to that extreme and I don’t blame my staff for being upset. The pay rates are minimal compared to most of the others, too. It isn’t like a whole lot is going to be saved but I guess it’s the gesture.

On Thursday, as soon as I got there and sat down in my chair, the person who’d been off the day before came in and informed me she didn’t like the situation AT ALL. I told her I didn’t, either, and I’d been fighting it for, seemingly, forever. The next hour was taken up with discussion and I would have given a whole lot to be able to retire on the spot. That isn’t a possibility now and maybe not in a couple of years when I’m supposed to. It will be for us to “hide and watch”.

Earlier this week, my friend had to be transferred to another hospital. She isn’t happy there and wants to escape but she’ll have to stay until she gets better. I know what would help but the medicos don’t believe in nutrition as medicine. Manmade nostrums are preferable.

Some of the days I’ve been able to get outside for at least lunch but not every day. It hasn’t been the weather preventing it. It’s staffing. When we have to cut back, then I have to fill in the gaps even more than usual. One of the patients completed the survey yesterday after I’d registered him and put something like this in Comments, “This person should be paid more.” I agree. With the economy the way it is, I am thankful to have a job. I have to keep telling myself that. Sometimes I don’t listen, though.

TODAY I went to town (oh, and I’ve been the bank and post office person every day this week) and got tomatoes, Bing cherries, peaches and cucumbers at the roadside stand. I won’t starve. I spend most of my grocery money there every week. After work, I went over the mountain by way of the cemetery to get what I can’t get anywhere else close by. I headed for Wally World and found they had organic romaine but no organic spinach. Last week it was the other way around and that’s how I like it. I can get by with conventional romaine but not conventional spinach. I stocked up on romaine plus some other things and looked down all the checkout lanes until I found the young girl who always treats my nectarines nicely. I told her that and she said, “The others don’t realize how fruit can bruise.” Maybe she should teach a class.

While I was shopping, one of my old schoolmates came along. We talked for a few minutes and I educated him briefly about pesticides on produce. He could find a pretty good list here if he were interested but I don’t know that he is.

I’d not intended to go but one place but I stopped at BiLo and found the fellow I pester about the lack of organics. He promised he would order it AGAIN. The only thing they have now is carrots and that does me no good at all. I did get some Campari tomatoes and a huge bulb of elephant garlic.

Yesterday the forum was up and down all day but it wasn’t the fault of the server. It seems to be suffering from the same thing right now. At merm’s direction, I did a tracert and it showed it was balking at Cogent which, I guess, is a carrier.

Back to today, I got home, ate some watermelon, put things away and my one tonsil started feeling irritated. I don’t know if it’s the stress finally catching up with me or what. I ate some blueberries (fresh) and it’s better. If I feel under the weather in the morning it’s stay at home time for me. Later, I was putting away the aforementioned nectarines and one had bruised after all. I washed it with Veggie Wash and put it out of its misery.

It’s time for me to hang this up and go to bed. Good night, all, and happy Sabbath!

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  1. Fruitloop June 28, 2008 at 12:25 am #

    Good to hear of your day Tommie. It is a wonder that you deal so well with stress! How do you do it? Lots of prayer and lots of fruit, right?


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