Another Week Gone…Almost

Tomorrow is the last day of the week but my work week is history. This won’t be a long involved post because I didn’t make a single note and I’m not going to try to go back and remember details. If that’s a big disappointment, sorry. If it’s a relief, I’m glad I was able to help.

Monday, the library called and said they’d been able to locate Square Foot Gardening for me. I promised to go by that afternoon and pick it up but I was zoned in on getting home and forgot.

Tuesday, I picked up the book and paid the library $5 to replace the card I misplaced long ago. I flipped through the book and read things here and there, mostly about tomatoes. I’ve done just about everything wrong so far. Plus there’s a black walnut tree too close to my garden. It isn’t a pleasant companion for tomatoes. Hopefully, the juglone it puts out doesn’t poison the air.

Wednesday, I went by the fruit and veggie stand on Main Street and bought the last watermelon they had. It’s not one of the long ones I’ve been getting. This one is a large round seeded one. I haven’t cut it yet. It’s living in the other fridge awaiting its slaughter.

Thursday, when I was on my way to work, I was behind a truck and I guess I was well-hidden when it turned off at an intersection. A car came out of the same intersection and pulled out right in front of me. Providentially, nothing was coming. I laid on the horn and dodged the car by darting into the left lane. Ever hear of anyone pale as a ghost? I looked in the mirror and my skin was so white it had a greenish tinge. I was shaking all over. The rest of the way to the hospital, I thanked the Lord for my nimble little car, that there was no oncoming traffic, and I didn’t wind up a patient myself. Or worse yet, dead.

I did the mail (no deposit for the bank) both morning and evening. There were long watermelons at the stand so I got my supply for the next couple of weeks.

Today, my boss told me she needed to meet with me Monday or Tuesday. I’ve let her know I’m willing to come in if necessary but I haven’t heard back.

This afternoon, I left an hour early and got the last watermelon at the fruit stand. I’m set.

And now for the reason for laying in supplies, etc. I’m taking the next two weeks off work (unless I go in on Monday or Tuesday). I did everything that needed to be done today and left instructions. I just sent them one more e-mail about taking credit/debit card payments. Time will tell if I keep my usual schedule posting. I’m in need of a break from everything I usually do. Like leave the house in a mess. I’m hoping to do some major housecleaning while I’m off but the first couple of days are mine to recuperate. From what, I don’t know, but it sounds good to me. I may or may not spend some time on the forum.

It’s 26 minutes until it will be Sabbath. I went out and watered my little garden with some rain water spiked with fish emulsion. Hopefully, that will perk everything up. It’s been very hot today. The high was 94 on the side of the mountain where I was and 93 on the other one. It’s hard to say what it was here because the sensor is in the sun in the afternoon.

I’m going to go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Sabbath in advance of its actually getting here. And to one and all a good night!

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