My Weekend

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be writing the umpteenth chapter of my life but I’m exercising my right to change my mind if I want to. It is my blog and I could just go to bed, ya know!

Twinkle was thrilled to get dry cat food. She still has a little left. I’ll let her finish that before I start her back on raw again.

I got a late start to DS2’s place but I swung by the cemetery anyway. When I’d been there on Sunday before Memorial Day, I’d forgotten it was Decoration Day. It was teeming with people then but I had it all to myself and the rain on Friday.

My granddaughter was worried and lurking when I got to the house. The message I’d left said I’d be there by a certain time but I missed it because I’d stopped at Wally World and it took forever to get checked out even though I only had two items. She was glad to see me and it warmed my heart to be welcomed that way.

Next morning (after a night spent in the young lady’s bed) (she slept with her mother) we went to her Sabbath School at campmeeting. It was barely controlled chaos. Of course I had to leave at one point to go to the bathroom. I didn’t find one on that floor, though there actually was one. Going around a corner, I found a door marked “Stairs” and decided I’d go down a flight where I knew there were facilities. When I got to the next door, I found it was locked. I went back up and that one was locked, too. I got in but I couldn’t get out. That door was kind of isolated so I went downstairs again. I’d been silently praying and the Lord had mercy on me. Just as I got to the door, I spied a woman coming down the hall toward me. She started into a door but stopped when she heard my frantic knocking on the window. Bless her heart, she turned around and came to rescue me. I thanked her profusely. She’d been on her way to the bathroom, herself, and I followed her in.

You can be sure I went back to Sabbath School by a different route. Just as I got to the room, the crowd was taking a break. It was a short one and we elected to leave not long after they reconvened.

I met a former pastor’s wife downstairs for the second time that day. I asked her if she has e-mail and she said yes. I gave her my card. She was surprised to find that I eat raw. I told her I’m working on my third year. Wanting to know what the advantages are, I told her I no longer have chest pain, gallbladder attacks, and I’d gone from almost 190 lubs to 117. Looking me up and down, she said, “I thought you looked rather thin but what do I know? I’m overweight.”

DS2 was vegging out when we got home. Later on in the afternoon, they went out while I went to see DS1, his wife and my granddaughter (the 12 year old). My DIL’s mother and grandfather were there, too. I bounced on the rebounder they had set up in the livingroom and I could really feel it in my legs.

After I got back, along about 9 pm, my DIL wanted to watch a movie so we did. I don’t usually stay up that late even on Saturday night but it was fun.

“Life is what happens when you’ve made other plans.” DS2 was getting up at 4 am to go fishing. The weather decided otherwise. Storms were moving in so he went back to his recliner (he has back problems so that’s where he sleeps).

My DIL was going scrapbooking a little after noon but decided against it. She went grocery shopping instead. She said she can get out a lot cheaper if DS2 and my granddaughter don’t go along.

She’d been complaining about her computer and I could tell it had real problems. I got busy on it this morning and spent hours cleaning it up and defragging. It was acting like a new one when I got through and she was thrilled. What can I say? I’m good.

It was much later than I’d planned to leave. I hugged and kissed all around and set out.

I went to the university market where I saw a friend who told me she’d been thinking about me—a lot. She’s trying to eat more raw. I told her it takes conscious effort at first but eventually it comes naturally.

Aldi was next (they had very little in the way of produce that I’d want to buy) and on to the Asian market. I almost didn’t stop there but remember the wonderful mangos I was talking about in a recent post? They had a full box and 2/3 of another one! I got them and a box of Ataulfo mangos. Then it was on to the organic market and Wally World. A cousin by marriage was in there and she kept saying, “You’ve lost weight!” (Once she said, “And I’ve found it.”) She said she’d lose weight and then put it back on over and over. I told her I used to do that until a couple of years ago. When she asked how I did it, I gave her my card—the last one. She promised to look my web site up. I was going to stop by the produce place, too, but they were already closed.

The mangos made the car smell so good! I doubt the perfume will last as long and it did before but I enjoyed it, anyway.

It was late afternoon when I pulled into the driveway. The rain had come down so hard the yard was flooded.

I hadn’t eaten anything except some Bubbies Pickles after I left DS2’s place. I got busy and had some watermelon, two mangos (one of each variety) and a big salad. After that, I unloaded the car and put everything (well, almost) away. I still haven’t unpacked.

DD called and left me voice mail but I haven’t gotten around to calling her back. I’ll have to do that another time. Bed is calling and I must answer. Good night!

2 Responses to My Weekend

  1. Fruitloop June 2, 2008 at 12:38 am #

    It was good to read of your day. Miss hearing your happenings. Your granddaugther waiting on you was very sweet. Good for you sharing your cards with others and spreading the word.


  2. Tommie June 2, 2008 at 6:28 am #

    Every Friday is my catch-up day for the week. There was so much about this weekend I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it justice later.

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