I forgot something about my CSA…

Plus I want to direct everyone to the page I posted showing how to make Coconut Ice Cream! You would never know it has only four ingredients and is so easy to make! I’m sure you could do it without an ice cream freezer. I’m thinking about trying it again and that time I’ll put it in ice trays, freeze it, and then put some cubes in the VitaMix to break them up and make sorbet. Bet it would work! I’ll let you know.

And now to the CSA. On May 1, I called Nancy. The CSA is supposed to go from May through October. She sounded upbeat, as usual, when she answered the phone. Imagine my shock when she told me she is in the process of moving! NO! NO!! A thousand times NO!!! Well, it turns out she isn’t moving out of the area. It’s only four miles from where she was last year but it’s a move, anyway. A move next door can be a big job.

Not that she would confide in me, but she’d been wanting less house and more land for quite some time. The place she is moving to fills both bills. The problem is that she hasn’t been able to plant anything this spring and it’s killing her. Those are her words, not mine. On top of that, the trees and bushes she is leaving behind are loaded with fruit. Last year, everything was killed by the late freeze.

She hopes to be able to plant some crops that will come in later but there’s no spinach, no lettuce, and no green onions. I was disappointed but that’s life and you have to go with it. She said she’d thought about me over the winter months and was looking forward to having everything in place by the time May rolled around. Closing was supposed to take place in March but it didn’t happen until just recently. The people who have bought her place are waiting for her to move out so they can move in.

What this boils down to is I have ordered two 2″x4″ Square Foot Gardening boxes to put on the concrete pad that used to hold up a little storage shed. I’ll put in some tomato plants and herbs. Depending on when it gets here, I’ll also try for spinach and lettuce but it may be too far along heat-wise already. This is something I was supposed to start last year but it’s better late than never.

Wish me luck!

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