What a week this has been!

Most of my days are what you’d call “routine” but not this week! I’ll be lucky if I can remember half of what happened and you’ll be lucky if I remember less than that. Funny how things come in waves. It seems one thing happens and precipitates an avalanche of others, even if they are totally unrelated. I’ll try to take this chronologically and hit the high points.

We got the directories at church that have been in the works for years. I’d started taking pictures for a directory several pastors back. It is finally done (with no help from me and the pictures I took weren’t used). It’s fine it was done another way. The book is small but professional.

I took the Cashew Cheese, celery and baby carrots to the fellowship meal as planned and it was all but licked up. There was a little on the sides and bottom of the container. One of the ladies asked me for the recipe and when I later e-mailed her about something else, she answered she was looking forward to trying it. Then she said, “I am really inspired by what you have accomplished. I have started eating some raw too, although not whole meals yet, but portions of them. I look forward to really getting my diet in check too.”

I was supposed to be at the church business meeting at 9 CDT and was right on schedule. I had my grapefruit juice already and was going to take my smoothie and drink it there. I had my bananas, blueberries, spinach, and water in the blender and was blending, as usual, on low with the variable speed turned all the way up. Also, as usual, I didn’t have the lid on it. It was whirling pretty fast so I thought it would be okay to flip the high speed button. Oh boy! It was on high for a split second but that was long enough to anoint a large part of that part of the kitchen with a pint of green goodness. It took 15 minutes to clean it up and I had my quart jar half full. Or maybe it was half empty. At any rate, I was late but they hadn’t started yet which is normal.

During the meeting, I was nominated to be on the safety committee to help create policies. I’ll be assisting one of my good friends so I said okay. I may regret it later.

After I left there, I went shopping via the cemetery. I hit all the usual places and picked up Ataulfo mangos at the Asian market. They’d already sold 15 boxes and would have been able to sell mine, too, but they didn’t and I was SO GLAD!!

I made it home about 5 pm. It was a long day full of non-routine activities.

I don’t remember anything remarkable about Monday so we’ll move on to

Not a whole lot happened then, either, until on up in the afternoon. My boss called me with a special project that I was able to get done by staying over by half an hour. Not bad.

That night, I was in the process of blogging. I keep gmail pulled up in a browser window and it shows I’m online to the people I’ve selected for chatting. It makes a “bonk” sound if it isn’t in the window I’m actively using and that’s what it did about 10:20. Yes, it was late but I was on a mission. It was DS2’s wife and she had a serious problem. I’m not at liberty to say what it was but it had both of us putting the Lord on overtime until it was resolved two days later. That we were able to get it worked out reflects a real, tangible answer to prayer.

I was praying without ceasing. Plus my boss told me auditors would be there the next day and I might be called to go in and talk to them. Okay.

I talked to my DIL off and on all day and kept admonishing her about needing to eat.

When I got home, I had a package from merm. It contained a router that was “sitting around gathering dust” in their apartment. I got it hooked up and I’m not only on DSL, I’m on wireless! It’s the first time I haven’t had to have a telephone line strung through the living room into the kitchen where my computer lives. Woohoo! I’m uptown! Even though I’m out in the boonies.

DD and merm got the redesign of the forum done and it’s gorgeous! Everyone loved it but some people were having problems with having to scroll back and forth to see the whole window. It displayed fine for me and others.

I went to bed praying. I pray every night but this deserved extra effort.

I woke up praying.

I made myself available to the auditors but I wasn’t called.

My DIL called and was happier than she’d been for days. There was a solution to the problem BUT it had to be done that day. I kept looking at it from different angles, praying all the time. Finally, I hit on something and called her back. Upshot is, problem solved. Much rejoicing and prayers of praise. It was the first time in days I heard her laugh a genuine laugh. Guess that proves that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and the Lord says yes. I found out later she had almost passed out when she hung up. Stress can do it to you. She went home early and was in bed by 7 pm.

My DIL called with more good news this time and I told her it was nice to hear her sounding happy. She let me know it was nice to BE happy.

The auditors called me in and I was able to answer all their questions satisfactorily.

My friend couldn’t imagine how I write my blog posts so I printed off last night’s and took it to her. She set it aside to read later.

When I came home, Twinkle was in my bedroom window which is where she likes to be. I didn’t think anything about it until I opened the front door and she wasn’t there to greet me. My bedroom door had blown shut with her inside. No telling how long she had been in there. Her food hadn’t been touched and she was hungry. I haven’t done a search yet to see if there are any presents. I hope she was able to control herself.

DD fixed the forum so it will work for everyone. Now it should be done except for adding some features—but not tonight.

I’ve been enjoying the mangos and have been eating lots of watermelon. The last one I got wasn’t that good. It was kind of tough if watermelon can be tough.

My exercising has been minimal but I was able to get out and walk some. I’ve also had some time in the sun.

It’s getting on toward 9:45 and I have to get up and be “the orgaster” once again. I’m glad I don’t have to go to work until Monday.

Good night and I wish for everyone a happy Sabbath!

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