Where is that Round Tuit?

Those little things are elusive. There are so many failed projects (or some that have never been started enough to fail) I can blame on not getting a round tuit. Last night’s blog post was one that never happened. Time got away from me and I valued eight plus hours sleep more than writing about my week. If anyone missed me, that’s gratifying. If no one did, I didn’t need to be chronicling my activities, anyway.

Woohoo! The high points of the week have been hit in an earlier non-scheduled post. Like getting DSL! It’s so nice not to wait for page loads that I’m on a campaign for my sister in the Great Northwest to get it, too. Life’s too short to spend it on a slow Internet connection. And when she can get DSL for less than she pays for AOL dialup it’s a win-win.

I’ve spent lots of time outside in the sun. Sunday, I put in a good half hour wearing as little as the law allows. My friend from the nursing home joined me once or twice on the patio but she’s not felt up to it the last couple of days.

SandalsToward the first of the week, I did five laps wearing my Curves sandals and about ruined my feet. I’d walked miles in NYC in them but that was when my feet had gotten used to them gradually. I ended up with raw places I had to band-aid. One other day I remembered to take my running shoes and I did six laps. I forgot them yesterday. I took a chance and did a lap and a half in my sandals. Those sandals are nice. If they get to an affordable price again, I’ll get another pair. Next spring, I’ll have to remember to toughen my skin over time. I’m so delicate. 🙂 The cop who also works as security guard at the hospital pulled up beside me not long ago and asked if I ever get stopped for speeding. Later on, he asked, “Are you on meth?” Yesterday, he laughed and wanted to know if I’m on speed. I told him yes and what did he want to do about it? I’M ON RAW FOOD! NOT EATING ALL THAT HEAVY COOKED STUFF LEAVES MY BODY’S ENERGY FOR SOMETHING BESIDES DIGESTION!

My skin is getting a light tan. I’ve been pulling my sleeves up over my shoulders so I can get all of my arms (all two of them) out there. They’re wrinkly and old-looking which comes with age and the fact that they used to house a lot of fat. Some of the wrinkles have gone away but it’s taken a long time. I’ll have to live to 200 to get rid of all of them. I hear that it eventually happens if a person stays with eating raw and I have no other intention.

The pollen has invaded. Yesterday the count was up to 1600. I don’t know what it is today but I’m already sneezing. When I bought my car, the salesman asked me if I had a color preference. I would have liked maroon but it wasn’t available in a Honda Civic LX so I told him I wanted pollen color. The name of the color I got is Titanium and it doesn’t show up the pollen like other cars in the parking lot. There’s a yellow film on the windshield that I can’t hide in spite of it.

Kelp Noodle SaladToday is fellowship dinner. I fixed some Cashew Cheese the other day and got over-enthused with the sweet pepper. The flavor is a little strong for my sophisticated taste buds but maybe it will be okay for others who are less discerning. Ahem! I’ll fix celery sticks and take the bag of baby carrots I got to go with it. For me, I’ll make a Kelp Noodle Salad. It got mixed reviews the one time I took it for everyone. The noodles ain’t cheap so why waste them on ungrateful diners?

I’ve had some watermelon this week that I wish I could say was good but it was only fair. Yesterday, I finished one by making Watermelonade. I had yet to use the large container for the VitaMix but there was too much melon for the smaller one. The VM did a good job with the ‘ade. I’ll be anxious to try it with a GOOD melon this summer.

The mango crop is getting better. I’ve had Fred’s Mom’s Salad three times this week. I called the Asian market and ordered four boxes of Ataulfos that I’ll pick up tomorrow. It will be a busy day. There’s a business meeting early in the morning and then I’ll go shopping. I’ll take lots of bananas with me.

I’d better busy myself fixing food. It isn’t getting any earlier.

Have a happy rest of the Sabbath, everyone!

2 Responses to Where is that Round Tuit?

  1. Sarah April 29, 2008 at 9:36 pm #

    That is hilarious about the meth comment. Do you ever tell people straight out about your diet?

  2. Tommie April 29, 2008 at 9:51 pm #

    Most everyone at the hospital knows I only eat raw food. His wife knows, too, so I’m sure he does. Yes, I’ve told people but I’m careful about who I tell and how.

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