It’s Friday Night Again

And I’ll have to revise what I said about buying speckled bananas and storing them in Evert-Fresh Green Bags. They are great for greens but not so much for the bananas. Maybe for greenish ones (I haven’t tried that) but the speckled ones didn’t age much on the outside but they got overripe and mushy on the inside. I thought I’d found the magic answer. I bought three bunches of regular price bananas today. I apologize for my lack of research before I announced what I hoped would be the result.

It’s been a busy busy week. This is the next to last Patient Access Week that I’ll engineer. It was a good one for the staff. Also for my friend in the nursing home. I’d get something for me, too, that I’d pass on to her. She got cookies and ice cream on Monday, a Subway sandwich and chips on Tuesday, Wednesday was corn nuggets (the others got the sandwich of their choice and fries, tater tots, whatever), yesterday she got a salad with her favorite dressing, Ranch. The staff had pizza but it had pepperoni on it and she doesn’t eat pork. Today was gift bags. She didn’t get one of those.

Speaking of my friend, she has a new roommate. If they’ll give each other a chance I think they’ll get along just fine. They’re a lot alike which could present a problem.

My former boss from the Mother Ship came to see us for a little while a couple of days ago. She brought the staff each two cookies in pretty little cellophane bags. My treat was a banana. It was nice of her to remember. A couple of her trainers came with her. One is a former supervisor. She’s happy in her new role. Plus she’s getting married soon. Better her than me!

I’ve been the bank/post office person every day this week. Mercifully, the rain that’s come down in buckets at times would slack off. Tomorrow has a chance of rain but it looks like Sunday will be beautiful. Mid 70s and mostly sunny.

Speaking of Sunday, I’m taking it off from blogging. I have to get my income tax done and filed plus I’ve still not decanted my kim chee. If I could get into my calendar, I’d see when it was I started it. It’s been weeks. It finally came up (drat dialup!) and I crocked it on March 3. That makes it a month yesterday. I could leave it another month and it would be okay but I think I don’t want to wait.

I recorded Live to 150 and it was mostly strange. I finished watching it while I ate my evening meal this afternoon. They were talking about people living to 1000 or more thanks to replacing parts. Can you imagine the reaction of insurance companies to people living that long? And would Social Security start at 62 or would a person have to work until he/she is 750? Questions, questions. There’s a DVD offered but I don’t think I’ll buy it.

The rain we’ve had lately has made everything so green! It’s beautiful.

My son called tonight and let me know my BIL (DH’s brother) is in intensive care at one of the area hospitals (not connected with the system I work for). I called the waiting room and talked to a nice lady who answered the phone. She said she knew the family but they’d already left. We talked a little longer and I said the patient is my BIL. That’s when she asked my name. I told her and she said, “This is just too weird!” Turns out she’s my neighbor from across the street. We have very little contact (obviously). It’s too bad because she was well acquainted with my in-laws. Life is too hectic. Anyway, she is there with her husband who is recovering from surgery. It’s a small world.

My next-door neighbor is also hospitalized. I’m surrounded with sickness!

Last night, I thought I’d been bitten by a spider or something. I had reached into a bowl and felt a sharp pain in my ring finger on my left hand. There was a black streak and I thought I’d been had. Today, I showed it to one of the nurses and she said it was a burst blood vessel. Just to make sure, she told me to have the ER doc look at it. I found her in the break room and had her inspect it. She gave me the same diagnosis and said it would take a long time to heal. It’s a little red tonight but the black and blue-ness is gone. I’ll live.

Twinkle was finishing off her food a little while ago. I’m done with mine, too. It’s past my bedtime so I’ll close this down. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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