I posted this prematurely last Monday night then took it down until it would be more appropriate. The store was open on Tuesday and Wednesday so they could sell all the stock they could. I went by on Thursday to try to get some canned beans and corn for the community kitchen but there was a “Closed” sign on the door. This is my tribute to a failed business. Yet another example of the shaky economy.

IGA Supermarket has closed its doors forever. Not all of them, mind you, but the one that I have been shopping ever since it opened several years ago. I don’t remember how many. There were two other owners before IGA took over. I asked what the prospects were for a rescue and was informed there is someone looking but it isn’t encouraging.

Everything in the store except for 12 packs of beer and Coca-Cola was being sold at a 20% discount. I went out with romaine lettuce, grapefruit, apples, limes, kiwifruit and apples. There wasn’t a banana to be seen. I thanked the produce lady for at least trying to get more organics. She smiled a rueful smile.

Well, all things must come to an end. This will add more trips to the other side of the mountain because Save A Lot, the only game left in town, doesn’t carry much of the produce I use. Between the two, I was able to get by pretty nicely but no more. At least I’m not limited by some of the items being mourned by some of my co-workers—“Hellman’s mayonnaise!” “Kraft mayonnaise!” “Duncan Hines cake mix!” I can live without those. But romaine? I don’t think so.

IGA, you weren’t perfect. There were times, more often than not, that the produce was wilted and sad-looking but once in awhile, you’d come through with some amazing buys. When I pointed out the all-but-compost avocados, they were bagged up and given to me. I was able to salvage enough to have a meal or two. You dug in your heels and wouldn’t sell the overripe bananas for a cent less than full price and the next day, I was able to buy 15 lubs for 59¢. Ah, such memories!

I’ll miss you.

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