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Going back to last Friday, rain started to fall just about the time I would have routinely been leaving for work. Later, I went out and checked the gauge. I don’t know when I emptied it last so the 2″ that was in it wasn’t even close to being accurate. We’d had that much in X amount of days which was good, anyway.

My Sabbath was a quiet day. Twinkle actually behaved and let me sleep. I read, listened to my Sabbath School lesson on PineKnoll and, when my eyes got tired reading, I let Opera read to me. Some of the pronunciation is interesting. Capernaum became “Cap-ur-nawm”. That is phonetic.

I was supposed to go to my son’s place for Pathfinder Sabbath but I called and took a rain check. I’ve gone down to these special Sabbaths every year until now. Two years ago, it was the Adventurers. My granddaughter is growing up.

Saturday night, I watched the first episode of All Creatures Great and Small. It was good as I remembered it. I couldn’t find the remote but I have since.

Sunday was another day spent in babying myself and I felt like I could go back to work on Monday. I did and no one appreciated my being there—again. I went home a little early and spent the rest of the week at home. One thing that might be part of the problem, to get to my office I have to go through the lobby, the main registration area, and then to where my desk lives. The ventilation is poor. I have asked for an air purifier but was turned down. I took my own and used it until it died. There are cold air returns in both areas but they are covered by cubicles and desks. Not an ideal situation.

My “foraging” post took a long time to write and post. If I do a lot of that ilk, I’ll have to cut the topics down to maybe two a week. I’ll see.

Tuesday, I e-mailed my boss that I wouldn’t be back until I’m back to normal (whatever that is). I rested, soaked, ate lightly, and didn’t do anything strenuous. My exercise has consisted of BodyFlex, LSEs, and a few of my standing exercises.

Snow 022708Here’s what greeted me when I looked outside on Wednesday. I was glad I didn’t have to go out, clean off the car, and go. I woke in the night and thought, “It’s snowing.” I hadn’t heard anything that was different. It was just one of those times that I “knew” what was going on. I tried to measure it on the front steps but a lot of it had blown away so I don’t have any idea what the accumulation was. There was no way I was walking out to the car in the cold. It was down to 19 earlier in the day. At 1, it was “up to” 30. Later on, most of the snow had melted (the ground wasn’t frozen) and it started snowing again, hard. It was pretty but didn’t amount to much. Phooey!

I had been eating more lightly than usual up until Wednesday when I drank 16 ozzies grapefruit juice and started in on water only. I had five 16 ozzie glasses when I ran out. I had the distiller going but it takes four hours to finish a gallon. To keep from getting dehydrated, I blended some tomatoes with red sweet pepper and drank that. Thursday was pretty much a repeat except I had OJ, part of a green smoothie, and a small salad. My appetite has been on the blink.

No one has called from work. Up to today, I’ve had two e-mails (one from my office-mate and one from my boss). They are Leaving Me Alone. I don’t like enforced vacations, especially when I can’t get out and do anything. It’s no fun.

Now—today and it was a doozy. I won’t go into all of it but, after having 16 ozzies grapefruit juice and 32 ozzies OJ (still measuring), I set out to Shop for Food. I went by and checked on Mother as I am wont to do when I have time. It was drizzling rain so I didn’t get out of the car.

I couldn’t have picked a worse day to leave the house (unless it would have been the one with the snow). I was having to juggle everything plus my umbrella. When I was getting out of the car once, a man told me I wouldn’t melt. I doubt I would. “I ain’t salt nor sugar nor nobody’s honey” is what one of my teachers would say. The umbrella was a necessary part of my equipment and I persevered.

One place, the female member of the team of our husband/wife schoolteachers was checking out. She said the school had been closed all week because of illness. She was sick, herself, with the flu last week. At Wally World, I ran into a couple I hadn’t seen for a long time. They eat high raw and do a lot of juicing. They, along with yours truly, were dismayed to find that Wally World has quit carrying organic spinach. So…I didn’t get spinach, either, but neither did I get it and leave it at the store.

I had to go to five different places and ended up leaving my three pound bag of frozen wild blueberries at WW. When I called about them, the woman told me there had been no five pound bag of flour turned in. I was trying to straighten her out when the lights blinked and the phone died. I had a horrible time getting a dial tone again but I did and called back. That woman told me to bring my receipt the next time I come in and I can get a replacement. At $9.98 plus tax, you can be sure I will. I’d much rather have the blueberries, though.

One of my good work friends e-mailed and wanted to know when I’d get back. She said, “You need to get back to work because you will get lazy!!” She has NO IDEA! I could get used to this. I did feel better getting out and stirring around today.

I was tempted to leave a lot of stuff in the car tonight but I’m glad I didn’t because I wouldn’t have been as likely to miss the blueberries. By that time the rain was pretty much outta here and dripping off the trees. I missed most of the drops.

I was sorta hungry by the time I got everything put away. I snacked on three Campari tomatoes. They aren’t as good as usual. The skins are tough. It was getting too late to fix something so I juiced five small grapefruit and drank the proceeds. I’ll live until tomorrow. I’ve lost weight since I’ve been sick but I’m sure I’ll gain it back in no time. My DD thought I’d be thrilled that it’s gone but I’m not trying. When I post a lub or two lost on my forum, my members congratulate me. (Many of us have “tickers” that show our current weigh-in weight.) I’m not trying. It’s whatever my body does. A lot of what’s gone is probably fluid, anyway. What’s sort of scary is I haven’t been ravenous while not eating much. I don’t know how long I could continue this way but I’m going to EAT tomorrow.

It’s Sabbath again and going on 8:30. I’ll wrap this up and rest and let you do the same. Good night and have a happy Sabbath!

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