A Birthday Celebration

I’m at my home away from home with my son and his family. They sang Happy Birthday to me—twice—and gifted me with a beautiful ornate business card holder that would break my foot if I dropped it just right. I got out some of my banana business cards and it’s sitting here holding them.

64 and One Day Raw Food

24 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave/ACV smoothie
4 tangerines
Kim chee
36 ozzies banana/green curly leaf smoothie
A little more kim chee
Kelp noodle salad

Last night was the latest I’ve gotten to bed in a long time. More than three weeks, anyway. I didn’t turn in until 10:30. ::GASP!!:: ::ACK!:: I’m getting there sooner tonight. Especially since I got up when the alarm yelled at me.

I was intent on getting everything I could do to get ready to leave for these here parts so I only put in 15 minutes exercising. I’d loaded part of the cookware yesterday afternoon. There were some more pieces I got out and set where I wouldn’t forget them when I got home.

Work was abbreviated with permission from my boss. I asked to leave at 1 o’clock and almost made it. It was 1:05 when I walked out to the car.

The roadside fruit stand man had promised to come back in February and he made good. I was glad to see him. He’s a Harbinger of Spring. There wasn’t a huge assortment of food but I got some beautiful apples and a clam shell of strawberries. He said he’d try to have some pickling cucumbers in a week or two.

My DD and merm sent me a freaky-looking cat on a birthday card. It’s really cute. My present didn’t arrive yet but I didn’t expect it this soon.

Going home, I lose an hour so it was about 2:30 when I started in on getting the rest of the stuff loaded. I made my second smoothie of the day and drank it. I was ready to walk out the door at a little after 5.

I hadn’t really done anything to Mother’s grave for many moons. I rearranged some of the greenery and it looks pretty decent now.

It’s hard for someone of my limited bladder capacity to make it all the way from home to GA without stopping but I did. When I was coming by the pastures and the cows, it reminded me of my first Windows computer. I’d started out back in ’83 with a Texas Instruments (TI99/4A), then graduated to an Amiga 1000. That first Windows computer was a real step up. I think it was a 233 Pentium II. It was cutting edge. I downloaded a program that would provide a Bible verse on startup. Whoever wrote it didn’t proof their text. There was one that said, “There will be no fear of farm.” My sister and I figured that was the verse for coming to my son’s place. It’s a promise that I won’t have to be afraid of wild rabid cows or something of the sort.

My son and granddaughter helped me get the car unloaded. That was a whole lot easier than my loading it. Going back, I’ll have a lot less.

I shared my noodle salad with my son. I went a little overboard with the seasonings and he didn’t eat much. I finished it up with no problem. Later, my DIL fixed scrambled eggs and toast. They smelled good but it didn’t tempt me to eat them.

We spent a little time looking at Live Search. It’s neat seeing the house where we are in a Bird’s Eye view. My DS pulled up the school he attended in Nebraska and I showed him my DD and merm’s apartment in NY. Amazing. Wonder what next year will bring?

It may be as late tonight as last night. I need to wind this up and get ready to snooze.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

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