Equipment Malfunction!

Isn’t it strange how things just go wrong at times for no apparent reason? I got up this morning to go to the bathroom at 3:40. Seemingly, in no time, the alarm clock made itself known. I smacked it and it hushed. I felt like I’d hardly been able to get back to sleep so I didn’t regret lying in bed a few more minutes. Shock! The alarm went off again! Not unusual if it had snooze but the one that’s set for 5:55 doesn’t. I realized it was my little travel clock that was waking me up. When I looked at the time across the room, it was 4:04. No wonder I didn’t want to get up! I wasn’t supposed to! I have no idea how that clock was set. I don’t use it unless I’m going somewhere and have to get up at the crack of dawn. Maybe I should fold it up and put it away where it won’t happen again. It took almost an hour for me to get back to sleep. There won’t be a repeat, believe me.

When the actual clock started its yodelling, I really didn’t want to get up but I had to. I hoped to be able to get in 15 minutes exercising but that wasn’t to be. It was vision therapy morning and I was determined to get it in. I have no desire to have my eyes get back to where they used to be. My DD got new glasses recently and the person examining her said she has the eyes of a 70 year old. She isn’t even 30 yet! One of her problems is dry eyes. I was looking on the WWW (my resource for almost everything) and found that computer users tend to stare at the monitor for longer periods between blinks than other people do. She and I both are on computers at work and at home, too. I’ll have to remember to blink more often.

There were storms close by with lots of rain, thunder, and lightning. By the time it slacked off, I was going to have to get dressed and go. I didn’t get to shower or shampoo my hair. I washed the critical areas and hoped for the best.

Yesterday morning, I almost got the car stuck. I managed to get out to the driveway but I didn’t dare to park where I usually do last night. Good thing I didn’t. We had almost 1.5″ of rain before I left and water was running through the yard.

64th Birthday Eve Raw Food

27 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
34 ozzies banana/red leaf smoothie
3 tangerines
Slices of cucumber marinated in Bubbies pickle juice
Kelp noodle salad

I checked on my son and his family after I got to the hospital. The weather down their way was pretty intense, according to the news. He said they were okay but he hadn’t been out to see what damage there might be other places.

My oldest sister surprised me with a phone call to wish me a happy birthday. It was her turn to be surprised that it isn’t until tomorrow. She has been traveling a lot and admittedly hardly knows what day it is. I was glad she called me when she did. Tomorrow will be hectic, I’m sure.

I stopped in to see my friend after lunch and she proceeded to walk me back to my office. She’s doing much better with her walker. Now, if her eating habits could improve…

Tomorrow is a big question mark. I spent a lot of the day trying to find out what we are supposed to do. Evidently, the other facilities will have actual people who are supposed to be the “patients”. We will have cards. Have you ever tried to interview a card?

After work, I set out over the mountain with a quick trip through the cemetery. Everything looked like it had survived the storms of late. I made my rounds and got everything I needed and headed home. The other fridge is back to keeping things cold without freezing so much of what I bought went into it. I couldn’t park close to the house so I had quite a distance to haul the rest of the stuff inside. I made it and everything is put away. It was late to be eating but I was about starved and didn’t care.

I’ll have to be up EARLY in the morning so I can get to work a half hour before my usual time. It’s going to be a unique way to spend a birthday. When I’m 64…

Good night.

2 Responses to Equipment Malfunction!

  1. Angela February 7, 2008 at 11:07 am #

    Happy birthday! I’ve been enjoying your blog & all you have to say about eating an entirely raw diet. Wow!

  2. Tommie February 7, 2008 at 6:16 pm #

    Thanks, Angela! I appreciate your good wishes and your appreciation of my blog. I love the way I eat! Believe me, if I didn’t, I would still be eating the way I used to.

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