Going from a Size 18 to a Size 6

I’m not sure how long it took me. I’d have to look back on my earlier posts and I don’t have time tonight. I know the outfit I wore to my mother’s memorial service was an 18W. I always thought the “W” stood for “women’s” but a clerk in the store said it was an 18 “wide”. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails! That was a low blow. It didn’t seem very diplomatic, either. I was rather proud that the skirt was just a tad on the loose side but I figured it was a good idea to buy something with a little “room to grow”. I didn’t know then it would be the top of the line, size-wise, for me and I would be on my way down just a few months later. That was January 23, 2005, and I started eating 100% raw after five months and one day. That I would still be doing it today had never occurred to me. I would have never thought that I would be fitting into size 6 slacks and blue jeans, either. I’ll have to admit that, while I have some size “S” tops, I wear an 8 in a dress because I’m still rather well-endowed in the upper division. That size 18W is still hanging in my closet right beside a 16W. The latter was snug once upon a time. Precious memories. I wouldn’t trade in my former obese history for being svelte all my life. I’m able to tell my story and share hope with other women in the same boat I was. If I’d always been slim and trim, I wouldn’t have had any reason to eat raw and I wouldn’t have the “radiant health” Roger talks about.

That brings up a real problem with the outsider’s view of eating raw food. So many regard it as a weight loss program. True, it can melt the pounds but it’s really a health improvement program more than anything else. I hear, “I don’t need to lose weight…” No, but you still have ailments you’d be happier without. And nothing is ever accomplished by making the same mistakes over and over. Eating foods with the nutrients intact brings a level of health and well-being that no medication ever can. It’s an amazing thing one can’t experience without actually trying it.

The other day, I found a pair of size 14P slacks in the closet. I took them to the hospital but found that almost everyone who isn’t ‘way too small for them is too large. They were some of my “in-between” clothes that I wore on my way up. I left them with one other person who might be able to use them.

This afternoon late, merm got the forum back up. I can find my blog on Opera but not on Internet Explorer. Strange. Maybe this will be right soon. Hope springs eternal.

Report time! Bedtime was 9:02, I exercised for 20 minutes (BodyFlex), and my half a small avocado kept me in line with my third goal. All goals met or exceeded.

Day 18 Raw Food

24 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
30 ozzies banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie
3 large tomatoes with Cajun and taco seasonings and kelp noodles
3.5″ cucumber
2.5 persimmons of the Hachiya Hichaya variety
2 small tomatoes .5 avocado soup with kelp noodles
22 ozzies grapefruit juice

It’s raining even though the Weather Guesser said it would miss us by going South. I got my supply of food in for the weekend when I went to the store this afternoon, plus I had the car filled with gas. I won’t have to be out in the weather much tomorrow except for going to the bank and post office in the morning.

The distiller is waiting for me and I must get it started soon or I’ll miss my bedtime.

Good night, everyone, and sleep tight!

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