Three strikes and you ARE out!

Last night brought the third attack since merm transferred me and my domain to a server that was supposed to be better than the last. On top of it taking a LONG time to restore everything, he decided he’d had enough. Looking around, he chose a new provider and now their server has crashed! Soon and very soon, we should have a new home. In the meantime, I’m writing in w.bloggar again in case I have to post this twice—once tonight and once when everything is put where it’s supposed to be. That isn’t a given but it is a possibility.

REPORT! I was in bed well before 10, up just after the alarm went off (I was already awake). I exercised 15 minutes and did my vision therapy. I’d thought of something else that may have had something to do with my improved vision (I used the small numbers again). I sleep on an unplugged water bed at night! Maybe…My fat was, hopefully, where it should have been.

Day 17 Raw Food

28 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave smoothie
A little banana “mylk” before I poured it out (it tasted bitter)
Bagged salad with 1 tomato dressed with lime juice, garlic powder and sea salt
2 tangerines
Kim chee
1 Bubbies pickle
Kelp noodles with Matt’s Dip

It rained last night and then the temperature dropped to 18º. The car looked innocent enough but when I got out there, I couldn’t open the door. I tried the other side and it was frozen shut, too. I came back in the house and called the hospital to let them know I’d be late—again. An hour later, the sun had thawed it enough that I was able to get in and go. One of the registrars had poured hot water on hers. I’d be afraid I’d crack a window if I tried that. Damage to glass isn’t covered by insurance so it would be mine to replace.

The trip to the bank and post office were uneventful. I was told I didn’t need to make the afternoon run.

My friend was back in her room. She claimed to be a recluse today. I took her some regular crackers with Mock Salmon Pate and she liked them. She ate two and saved one for supper. I left her where she was and went back to the office.

I had intended to take the Pate to share with the others in the break room but I kept forgetting it. Obviously, I remembered today. Several of them ate it and liked it. I left it in the fridge so they can have more tomorrow. One of the women said she had to weigh-in at Weight Watchers tonight so she wouldn’t have any. It was calling to her, though, and she ended up eating several crackers with enough pate to equal probably four or five grams of fat. It was her choice.

While we were eating, one of the Lunch Bunch said she didn’t think she would be able to eat only raw food all day long. I guess she will never find out, either. She doesn’t strike me as one who would want to try.

Nothing else noteworthy happened today. Poor merm has been sweating over the situation at hand. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon. In the meantime, I’m turning in early. Good night!

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