“You’ve reached your goal weight…”

That’s what one of the women at work said the other day. She followed that with, “You can start eating cooked food again, right?” Well, yes, I could. I didn’t tell her I hadn’t reached my so-called goal weight. Instead of answering her question, I asked one of my own, “Why should I?” “We-ellllllll, I don’t know. Maybe steam some vegetables or something.” “So I won’t get as much nutrition from my food?” “Some foods have to be cooked so you can get the vitamins from them.” “I don’t eat the ones that need to be cooked. Besides, it isn’t so much about the weight. It’s about being healthy.” “Oh.” People still don’t get it. I don’t WANT to eat cooked food. It no longer appeals to me. It’s like one of my vegetarian sisters being offered a pork chop. She wouldn’t want it. She wouldn’t even think of eating it. It isn’t in her repertoire of appetizing foods.

Before I left the church on Sabbath, one of the ladies came up to me and told me she knows a couple who is interested in eating raw. She said they are doing the “green shakes” thing. She asked me if I know them but I don’t. There are little pockets of raw foodists here and there but it’s difficult to find out where we all are. One of these days, we’ll all burst out of hiding and take over the kitchens of the world. Hi-yah!

Yesterday, the only raw dish on the table at the fellowship meal was a salad with all sorts of hard-to-digest veggies in it, plus it had cooked soy beans. The wife of the couple who were eating mostly raw brought it so her husband, who is still eating mostly raw, would have something to eat, I guess. She told me she indulges and indicated her plate loaded with white and brownish cooked foods. There may have been a little red from tomato sauce. That’s fine. It’s whatever floats your boat and where you want to be, health-wise, 20 years from now. I told her I’d still love her no matter what she chose to put in her stomach. That’s personal preference and I thank people who let me exercise my right as well without harassment.

I think walnuts make my nose run. I’ve been having to mop it now and then today.

Report time—10:02 pm was my bedtime. I exercised about an hour total this morning including a 62 second pushup. Fat is about where it should be for a maximum. Goals met or exceeded.

Day 14 Raw Food

33 ozzies OJ
28 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave/ACV smoothie (I’ll be glad when I can get good fresh ripe mangos)
Kim chee
ONE Bubbies pickle (I could have eaten all of them easily)
2 pears 3 bananas agave nectar smoothie
2 tangerines
Medium salad of romaine, a really good tomato for winter, cucumber, yellow sweet onion, dressed with lime juice dressing (no fat)
Avocado mashed with a small chopped tomato, diced onion, the juice of half a lime, garlic powder, and sea salt mixed with kelp noodles

One of my son’s former classmates called this morning to let me know her daughter was in the hospital and was facing surgery for an angry appendix. Later on this evening, she left voice mail that the surgery had gone well and they should be home tomorrow. The appendix is a very strange little appendage with no known purpose. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one and I’m glad I still have mine.

Bokashi JuiceI drained the “juice” from the bokashi bucket this afternoon. There wasn’t much. I went outside and found some rainwater that wasn’t ice and diluted it. My basil is looking rather sad so I watered it with the mix. Hopefully, that will perk it up.

My DD called for our weekly chat. We were on the phone more than an hour and a quarter. She continues to work on the redesign of the blog. It’s kind of looming out there and she wants to get it DONE. I know how it is to have a project that is expected. After we hung up, I took care of one I’d been putting off since last fall. You can see it here. I’d been fooling around because I had to resize all the pictures and upload them. Not a huge task but one that showed my talents as a procrastinator.

Talk about procrastinating, I put clothes in the washer this afternoon and didn’t turn it on until just a little while ago. I’ll be back after I hang them up. Done.

It’s been warmer today but not warm enough to get outside long. I did for a few minutes and my hands were tingling with the cold when I came back in. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

I need to check on The Cat and make sure she has everything she needs before I turn in. Another day behind me and the work week starts tomorrow. Good night!

2 Responses to “You’ve reached your goal weight…”

  1. Romina January 27, 2008 at 11:52 pm #

    I hate it when people think that you should stop something simply because you’ve reached your goal. Healthy eating should be something we do for life, not just for a while. =)

  2. Tommie January 28, 2008 at 6:35 am #

    Yep, Romina! You’ve got it right. Most people go on plans like Weight Watchers, etc., for appearance reasons and not for improving their health. It’s sad but true.

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