Fatter or fitter?

I’ll start out with my Challenge Report this time. Bedtime was 9:02 so that goal was met and exceeded. Since it was Sabbath, I didn’t exercise. Exercise goal N/A. Fat consumption, through the roof. That one bombed. And after I weighed in at 118.4 this morning.

Crackers and PateDay 13 Raw Food

34 ozzies grapefruit juice
4 medium bananas
Banana/blueberry/spinach/agave/a few drops ACV smoothie
Kim chee
2 Bubbies pickles
5 small tomatoes with kelp noodles seasoned with Tajin and sea salt
3 Lydia’s Organics Italian Crackers with Mock Salmon Pate
18 ozzies OJ

I had a leisurely time getting ready for church. My food was ready to go plus I wasn’t picking anyone up. It was sort of a guilty pleasure.

My friend made it even though she had almost decided not to come.

The church service was a good one. The pastor’s sermon was titled “GPS”. He related the electronic device to “God’s Prompting Spirit”. It takes at least four satellites (according to him—I haven’t studied up on it) for the Global Positioning System to work. He likened the Holy Spirit, the Bible, nature, and Providence to God’s satellites.

During Communion, I washed my friend’s feet and she washed mine. I put the basin of water on the pew so she was able to sit down and wash and dry my feet. Then she prayed a beautiful prayer for me.

The unleavened bread was thoughtfully made this time. It was fresh, well-baked, and flaky. It could have rivalled anything my mother-in-law would have turned out.

Lunch was being put on the tables when we got to the fellowship hall. The kitchen was so full I decided to fix mine on the table where it would be served. One of my most vocal critics, far as my way of eating is concerned, helped me spread the crackers (I took them after all) and garnish them with parsley. After we got through, I helped my friend load her plate and got her situated at the table where I had my bananas.

People were surprised the crackers were raw. I didn’t try them so I had no idea what they tasted like. They smelled good and the ones who took them seemed impressed.

I’d eaten my bananas while my friend ate possibly half of what she took. All of a sudden, she announced she wanted to go back to the nursing home so off we went. I used the excuse I needed to go to the bathroom so I could make sure she got inside okay. She’s getting forgetful and I guess she forgot I know my way around the place. Being helpful, she was asking where a bathroom was that I could use. Might as well announce it to the masses!

After she got her meds, I accompanied her to her room. We went to the one next door, too, where she was supposed to be moved yesterday and decided it wasn’t as big as the one she’s in. She has the rearranging bug and wants to put her bed next to the wall so she can have room to mess around with painting. Actually, she’s quite talented. I took my leave when she assured me she’d be okay.

Getting home, I launched into eating. The only new food was the crackers. They were good but sort of heavy with a strong flavor that overwhelmed the pate. I was lulled into complacency by the fact that three crackers make a serving. There are seven grams of fat, total. Add the pate and I probably ate something like 16 grams of fat. Yikes! Talk about messing up! That was more fat than I’ve had all week put together. The last time I had dehydrated stuff like this was when I ate at the Caravan of Dreams with my DD and merm. I woke in the night with a very heavy feeling in my stomach. That’s why I went with the OJ to finish. Hopefully, it will steer me away from any bad side effects.

It’s been another cold day but not as frigid as it has been. It got to 39 in the valley. My thermometer says it was over 40 here but that was in the sun. The low was 30 here and 33 there. I’m ready for warm enough to get out and bask.

I’d forgotten to feed Twinkle before I left for church. She went without until about 3 o’clock but she made short work of her food and is ready for more. I’d better take care of her and go to bed. Good night!

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