What?! No hair dryer?!! You gotta be kidding!

That’s right, people. Hair dryer has to go, too. Mine is probably worse than most, anyway, because it’s old as the hills. It may be that the newer ones are made with EMFs and strange females like me in mind. I did another of my experiments this morning and let my hair air dry. The only thing that was different is that it allowed the bit of natural “curl” (it’s more of a wave) to show up. There were no comments, not even from my friend, so it must’ve looked okay if not stunningly beautiful. It took a little less time, too, and that’s a plus when I’m rushing around getting ready to leave. I doubt that I’ll see a drastic change in the electric bill but, over time, it should make an impact. Maybe I will have saved $5 by the time I’m 120.

Challenge Report! It was maybe a minute or two after 10 when I got in bed last night. This morning, I was up using the bathroom when the alarm went off. I stayed up, did 15 minutes of exercise (that satisfied the minimum I set for myself) and the full 30 minutes of vision therapy. My cutting down on overt/covert fat must have improved my eyesight. There’s nothing else I’ve done that’s different. I was able to see so well with my left eye it was rivaling the right. Another thing, I was getting ready to do the back and forth with the numbers (if you have the kit you know what I mean) and, on a whim, I chose to use the sides with the small digits. I could see them with no problem! I amazed myself! Oh, and I haven’t had any overt/covert fat today. All goals reached or exceeded. Pat me on the back.

Day 10 Raw Food

22 ozzies (barely) OJ
30 ozzies banana/mango/agave/few drops ACV smoothie
3 bananas
4 tomatoes, 3″ English cucumber unpeeled, kelp noodles, with Tajin
2 Bubbies pickles (twice as many as I planned to have)
Large salad of red and green butterhead lettuce, tomato, pickling cucumber, dressed with lime juice, agave nectar, sea salt, garlic & onion granules, and Italian seasoning

Yesterday, I was wanting salad in the worst way. Some restaurant had brought in a huge bowl of salad that had big chunks of lettuce in it. One of the nurses told me to go get some. I had my plate piled with those mouth-watering chunks and was fishing for some more when I noticed there were little pieces of pink throughout. On closer inspection, I discovered bits of ham and bacon. The lettuce went back into the bowl and the plate into the garbage (it was styrofoam). I was disappointed. That’s what brought on my lettuce binge last night. I ate the huge half head with nothing but a sprinkle of sea salt now and then. I know. I shouldn’t have put that on it, either, but I didn’t add much.

It’s been a long day. We had our monthly department head meeting this morning and there’s to be another session tomorrow so we can prepare for a regional influenza pandemic disaster drill. This is to see where the areas needing improvement are and then we’ll probably have surprise ones later. That’s my take on it. No one has mentioned it. So who knows?

Which brings up another unknown quantity. Joint Commission. It’s a surprise thing now. They can come as a thief in the night. We have to be prepared all the time. I worked on one of the policies today that had to be updated and turned in. Tomorrow, I’ll start reviewing all the others and talk about BORING! If I ever need to fall asleep, I could just read the Policies & Procedures. Then, the budget is coming up. After that, in a few months, it will be Annual Competencies. Oh, what a lot of things I won’t miss when I retire!

Soon as the clock got to 4 pm, I was out the door and into the car. I headed over the mountain to replace all that lettuce that froze and ruined. I stopped by the cemetery and acknowledged the resting place of the Mother of Five Daughters. It was on to the produce place where I got oranges, lemons, limes, and Bing cherries. I have been SO HUNGRY for some fruit besides oranges and bananas. BiLo had the usual English cucumbers and lettuces. I added oroblanco and pummelo to that (one of each) and went on to Wally World. Had BiLo stocked organic spinach as I had requested, I could have come home. There was none anywhere so I continued on. Besides the usual, I got some nice D’anjou pears and a couple of mangos that I hope are good.

When I got home, I stopped at the other fridge to get stuff out but put nothing in. I’m not taking any chances. I unloaded everything and brought it in the house. It took some creative placement but I got everything into the fridge that needed it and put the oranges in the cool room. It was during that time I ate my salad and it was GOOD. I had started out with half as much but added the rest and had no problem getting it all done away with.

That, my friends, is Life on the Edge. All of my sisters and I have such exciting times. The main difference is that I also have my friends on the forum. Now, there really IS excitement there. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

The weather has moderated some. The low last night was 27. I know the bedroom was warmer this morning. I put a thermometer in the bathroom and it was 61 when I got out of the shower. It was comfortable, though, because I had showered off with cold water to finish. Try it! It works! I dare you…

It isn’t long before I have to get to bed to meet my self-imposed deadline. Good night, all!

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