This isn’t the way it was supposed to happen.

We had freezing rain here this morning. I got ready and went out to the car. By that time the rain was beginning to freeze on the steps but I managed to get down them without slipping. The car was a different story. It was covered with a layer of ice so I started it and came back in the house to wait for it to thaw. I thought about e-mailing one of the girls at work that I’d be late but I thought, “Nah! I’ll call.” Good thing I did. The registrar answering the phone told me there’d been a 12 car pileup plus the roads were closed. One of the cars had slid up under a salt truck. I waited long enough for things to get better and went on in. Left early and had a new battery put in the car to the tune of $81 and some cents.

The way it was supposed to happen was…I wake up and immediately see that there is an ice storm going on and there’s no way I can go anywhere. I turn over, go back to sleep, and have a nice day at home. As it was, I got up, exercised for 20 minutes, did my usual routine. After I came back in from turning the car engine off, I ate breakfast, then changed into At Home Clothes. A few hours reprieve was all I got. Phooey.

Report! I was in bed a little before 10. I already said I exercised for 20 minutes. My overt fat amounted to 1/4 small avocado. I’d call that goals met.

Day Nine Raw Food

22 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/blueberry/romaine smoothie
Kim chee
4 bananas
4 tomatoes with Tajin and kelp noodles
Kim chee
1 Bubbies pickle
1/2 head iceberg lettuce
1/4 small avocado
1 mug garlic lemonade

TwinkleI walked into the living room and here’s what I saw in front of the fireplace. Attractive, isn’t she? I would say that is pure comfort. She hardly moved a muscle. Must be nice to have your raw food and eat it, too. The only rules that apply to her is that she must use her cat box and stay off the human food surfaces. Other than that, she pretty much does what she wants. Twinkle, the Cat of the House.

I got to work about 11:30. I didn’t have long enough to get everything done that I needed to but I, at least, did the most pressing. After finding my friend in a different room and visiting with her for a few minutes, I went on back and made ready to leave.

After a quick stop to get bananas, I headed for the mountain and the new battery. The man was waiting for me and opened the door to the service bay. I’d left the key in the ignition and went in to talk to his wife while I waited. It wasn’t long until I heard the car alarm go off. He came in and I told him to push the button on the remote that was attached to the key. I guess that worked for the moment. Later, it went off again and wouldn’t stop so I went in and got it stopped again. Then the car wouldn’t start. I had to go through the steps to get out of the car, shut the door and lock it, then unlock it, get in, push in the clutch, and start the car. I’d been reading online about people replacing batteries and having the radio not work because of anti-theft but mine was okay. I wrote my check and came home. I got all my pre-sets back and set the clock so I’m good to go.

My evening has been much the same as any other. Nothing exciting. I’ve updated some on the forum and thought ugly things about my dialup. At least I’m not paying the prices some other people are for even slower services. One of them told me today she will probably go with mine. That’s pitiful when this is a notch above.

The water bed awaits and I must go crawl into its inviting warmth. Good night!

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