What is “normal” food?

One of the women on the forum is being criticised by her relatives for eating food that isn’t “normal”. Which begs the question, “What is ‘normal’ food?” Is it food that has been born to parents that walk around, fly, crawl, or swim? Food that has to be killed before it’s eaten and either plucked, skinned, or scaled, then dissected? Or is it food that comes in boxes, cans, bags, and jars? How about the science projects that pass for snack food? Or fluid that’s expressed from the mammary glands of large animals and turned into all sorts of products? Maybe food that’s squeezed from the rear orifice of a chicken? None of that is necessary for good nutrition. As a matter of fact, some of it (if not all) can be disease promoting. I prefer to buy my food in the most colorful part of the store. If I had my way about it, I’d grow my own but that’s still down the road.

And now to the bokashi bucket. It is turning out to be more intensive than I thought from reading the information I found on the WWW. Before I can put the matter in it, I have to cut it up in small pieces. Not miniscule, but smaller than I’m used to flinging on the compost pile outside. People still maintain it’s the best way to go so I’ll keep on with it. I don’t have time to do anything with the scraps in the morning so I seal them off from the fruit flies and do my carving in the evening.

Report! I was in bed at 10 o’clock on the dot. I woke a little after 4 and didn’t go back to sleep for something like an hour. When I did doze off, it was to dream strange dreams. The alarm woke me but I was sleeping so well I drifted back into the Land of Nod and didn’t get out of bed until the clock had chimed 6:30. I was determined to get in my 15 minutes of exercise. I did that and no more. Once again, I have had no overt or covert fat—and no salt! So…all goals met or exceeded.

Day Five Raw Food

12 ozzies grapefruit juice
34 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
30 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
4 tomatoes with 3.5″ English cucumber, skin and all with garlic powder
3 banana “mylk”
1 Hichaya Hachiya persimmon
2 mugs garlic lemonade

I had planned to have some more tomatoes with kelp noodles and I don’t know what else but I wasn’t that hungry after the “mylk” and the rest.

The bank and post office were on my schedule for today. Of all times for me to not wear a jacket! I had on a sweatshirt. I survived. I didn’t get nearly as cold as Sam Champion did on Good Morning America. He volunteered to go outside dressed only in his shirt, pants, and shoes and the temperature was +9º F. After a very few minutes, he was barely able to write his name. I’ll keep my job and let him have his.

When I checked on my friend, she was still under the weather. I asked her about church but she said no, she wouldn’t go, even though one of her favorite people is speaking. Someone had brought her a beautiful little basket full of fruit. She had insisted I take the plums yesterday because she truly doesn’t care for them. Today, I had to shush her up by taking two of the remaining four bananas. She wanted me to take a pear, too, but she likes them. It was beautiful and I was just about drooling but I left it where it was.

There was a discussion of fetal duck egg, or balut, and it made me wonder why people can’t think of eating such an atrocity but can chow down on other flesh foods with no thought about where they came from. Another delicacy is live cobra heart. But enough of this morbid subject.

Courting disaster, I went to the break room to eat my tomatoes and cucumber. People commented they looked good and smelled good and I’ll have to admit they were right. The husband of one of the women commented the tomatoes were pretty and asked if I grew them. He’s a big jokester so I thought I’d go along with him. I said, “Yeah. I grew ’em.” Then he wanted to know if I have a tomato tree. Again, going along, I said, “Yes. It’s in the living room and my cat likes to climb it.” Pressing on, he said, “How many tomatoes do you get off of it in a year?” His wife said, “She’s KIDDING!” That was the first clue I had that he was serious. Their adult son had been listening to the conversation and couldn’t believe there are really tomato trees. Truth be told, they aren’t true tomatoes and I don’t think I’d bother to try to grow them but it was good for a laugh.

It was a cool day (the high was 49) but sunny. The wind was blowing. I couldn’t handle being inside any longer. Pulling a chair up close to the building, I sat in the sun on the patio for 15 minutes. I felt so much better when I went back inside. I started sorting through stuff on my desk and did a little light cleaning. I plan to finish it Monday.

The kim chee is “plooping” tonight. It was hard to get the stones in the crock because it was so full. Might be why there’s more activity that there was the other time. It doesn’t have as much room to expand.

I’d contacted the pastor about the hymns but he isn’t preaching there tomorrow so he doesn’t know what they are. I called the speaker but haven’t heard back. I went out to the car and got the bulletin so I could e-mail the bulletin secretary. Hopefully, she’ll check her inbox before I leave for church in the morning. I don’t like to practice on the congregation if the songs are unfamiliar.

There are still spots of snow around. My mother would say it’s waiting for another one. Weatherbug predicts it’s supposed to start raining tonight and snow tomorrow with accumulation of up to 1″ possible (yeah, right). There was one Christmas when I was in my teens that it started snowing in the morning and, by noon, it was knee-deep. Now, that’s SNOW. And there’s the Blizzard of ’93 when my son and his then girlfriend (now wife) had to hike out to a shelter because of no power. My father-in-law stood at the back door looking out at the 3′ drifts saying, “I’ve never seen anything like it!” We haven’t for a long, long time.

It’s getting on toward the time I need to be in bed. I’ll say good night, sleep tight, and happy Sabbath!

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