I’m an official bokashi-er.

There are probably two inches in the bokashi bucket on top of a thin layer of bokashi. Before I put another sprinkling of bokashi in, I need more scraps. Three inches is what the instructions say. I won’t measure it but I know it isn’t there yet. I found the perfect spot for it at the end of the cabinet across from the refrigerator. Twinkle is fascinated and keeps smelling it. She hasn’t offered to jump on top of it, though. I have the bokashi bag on it in the hope that it will discourage her.

I blew it exercise-wise today. My plan was to sleep until 5:55 when the alarm alarms (I got to bed at 9:40), get up, do 15 minutes exercise followed by 30 minutes of vision therapy. There was some other force in play, though, and I woke at 6:55. I rushed around and managed to get to work on time. My hair rivaled in badness what it was at church but at least I didn’t have to go the whole day with it that way. My fat level was threatened by an increase in quantity but I didn’t eat it all so that was okay.

Day Three Raw Food

20 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
4 small Bosc pears (the last of the assortment of 13 I got for 99¢)
Bag salad, 2 tomatoes, 1 pickling cucumber, dressed with the juice of 2 limes, sea salt, and garlic powder
2 persimmons
Kim chee
1 Bubbies pickle
Kelp noodles with lime juice and cashew mayo

Bent on getting out the door, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of the persimmons I’d promised to turn into pudding. I hurried and got that done, putting the juice of half an orange plus a sprinkle of cinnamon in with the peeled and seeded fruit. It was a little more than the container would hold so I ate the few extra bites.

At 9 am, I went to get my hair cut and this time, I got what I wanted. She combed it to the wrong side but I lived through it. After I left, I went next door and got my free ticket. I waited until I got back to the hospital to scratch it off and found I got nothing. If there had been three in a row, I would have gotten $2. Big whoop.

My day was altered a little by the fact I went off and left my bananas at home. That’s why I had the bagged salad for lunch. I ate the whole thing. I had gone to both supermarkets looking for bananas but they were greenish and greener. Can’t let that happen tomorrow.

The persimmon pudding was delivered and enjoyed. At first, I thought it was going to go to waste but it didn’t.

My friend was having a down day. She’d overdone yesterday so it was no big surprise. One thing she said that was somewhat of a shock was that she’s happy where she is. I’m under no illusion she’ll feel that way tomorrow. Yesterday, she was ready to go home.

A couple hours ago, I heard something outside and opened the front door. My neighbors were looking, too. It was the beginning of the winter storm that was predicted. It started with sleet and turned to snow. I looked a little while ago and it was still snowing. We seldom get anything measurable any more. Maybe it will prove me wrong.

It’s still snowing and the car is almost covered. I’ll go to bed and see what the morning brings. As my mother would say, I hope it snows hind-end deep. We’re due a big one.

Good night!

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