A bad hair day…

bad hair dayLast night didn’t prove to be one that made for good rest. It may have been the avocado. Who knows? In any case, my time was taken up with getting ready for the fellowship meal and I didn’t have time to shower. My hair couldn’t have looked much worse. It looks better when I drive down the mountain to the dumpsters. Vanity, vanity! All is vanity!

Sabbath Raw Food

25 ozzies grapefruit juice
2 large bananas
A quart, more or less, Kelp Noodle Salad
2 small and 1 regular Bubbies pickles
24 ozzies OJ

Pretty sad, huh? I had to take my grapefruit juice with me and didn’t get it finished until I was sitting in the car outside the church. My friend was distressed about my hair. She kept trying to make one part lie down in the back. It was sticking out like a rooster’s tail. My background of being a former hairdresser means I’m usually presentable in that department if nothing else. Today was different. My hair was a mess and it did make me feel a little down and out of sorts. It’s getting shaggy, too. I’ll have to call for an appointment to get it cut. After I rhapsodized about its being such a good haircut the last time, I looked at the back and there was a big gap in the hair on my neck. I’ve let it go this long so it can be evened up. Even though my hair bothered me, I guess no one else cared (except for my friend). I looked around and most of the women had ‘dos about like mine.

After church, it took forever to get my friend to the fellowship hall. It wasn’t because she wasn’t able to walk. She was visiting with everyone on the way. Since she doesn’t get out much, I tried to be patient. Much later, we got there and I finished up the salad and got it on the table along with the persimmon pudding. I made the pudding with an unknown number of persimmons plus a peeled and sectioned honeybell tangelo with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

My friend wasn’t able to eat much of the salad I fixed for her special without tomato seeds. The man sitting next to me finished it up. He started talking to me about the hospital. He wanted to know who’s in charge. “Besides me?” “Who is the director of nursing?” “Do you have an administrator?” I gave him the info he wanted. When he started asking me other questions, I said, “There are two days a week I don’t have to think about the hospital and today is Sabbath on top of that.” He took the hint and hushed. Usually, you have to hit him over the head with a 2×4 so I got off easy.

The salad got mixed reviews. One woman didn’t care for the noodles. A man didn’t like so much cucumber in it. Still another didn’t like the avocado. My friend said she’d like to have it in a wrap with lettuce. There were people who liked it just the way it was, though, and that was gratifying. Especially since it cost a small fortune to make.

My persimmon pudding was almost licked up plus one of the women took some to her grandfather. I have a little left in the bottom of the bowl for tomorrow.

Not showering this morning made me feel icky. Tonight, I got into the tub and cleansed my body. I feel better.

I’ve eaten ‘way too much fat today. I’ll probably be like a slug in the morning. It’s almost 9 which means I need to wind this up and get some rest.

Good night!

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