Erase those wrinkles!

I have had a bad habit of frowning when I concentrate which has caused deep furrows from the corners of my mouth down my chin. I looked in the mirror and mimicked the expressions that make them show up and have set out to quit repeating them over and over. I found out the other day that another thing that does it is eating but, I’m sorry. I’m not gonna quit eating. What I’ve been doing is smiling instead of frowning. I may end up with smile lines but I’d rather have them. When I drive, I smile. When I work at the computer, I smile. When I’m preparing my food, I smile. At first, I felt a little goofy doing it but it vastly improves my mood should I find myself in a funk. Today, a woman looked at me and asked in a strident voice, “Has your face frozen that way??” “Yes”, said I, “and it makes everyone wonder what I’m up to.” She agreed. So, try it! My lines aren’t gone but they have lessened. I’ve probably been at this for a couple or three weeks. I wish I’d put the date down that I started but I can go from here and see what difference there is by the middle of February. If you do it and have good results, leave me a comment. This could be interesting.

The cycle has been broken! I did my BodyFlex and a couple of other routines. I’d been trying for days to get my back to pop and relieve a twinge in my neck and this morning I was, like JS, very successful. Inside family joke, folks. Don’t ask.

Happy Birthday Naomi Judd Raw Food

26 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
32 ozzies banana/mango/red leaf lettuce smoothie
Most of 2 honeybell tangelos (they weren’t sweet) (I gave away four sections)
A 3 inch section English cucumber, sliced
Half a Lady Alice organic apple (delicious!)
Generous 32 ozzies OJ
Small avocado eaten out of the shell with a spoon
No kelp noodles (!)

I got to work on time again. This could get to be a habit. It had quit raining sometime in the night. During the 24 hours between yesterday morning and this morning, the rain gauge collected 1.25″. Very welcome.

My friend was up and navigating when I looked in on her early in the day. Her roommate was nowhere to be seen.

The sun was shining brightly but it never warmed up much. Hard to think I was eating on the patio not so long ago.

Mid-afternoon, I went back over to see my friend. She was getting some exercise but was just about through. Her grapefruit were sitting, untouched, on the bedside table. I asked her why she hadn’t eaten any. Well, when she’s at home, she cuts it in two, sugars it, and scoops it out with a spoon. I couldn’t help her out there but I told her I could peel it, section it, and she could eat it that way. She asked me to fix two. Two? Are you sure? Yes. Two. I went back to my office, peeled the fruit, separated the meat from the membrane, and took it in a bowl with a little fork, some sugar packets (I would have preferred she would have eaten it unadorned but I’m not her boss) and napkins. She was thrilled. I left her with it. Checking on her later, she admitted she probably should have stuck with one. She counted 10 sections left. I don’t know if she finished it. Hopefully, she won’t have any bad experience with all that citrus. She promised to go to church tomorrow. I won’t assume and just go to pick her up. I’ll call her in the morning. I’ve promised to take food and stay for lunch.

In that vein, I started fixing Kelp Noodle Salad when I got home. I’m using a whole lub package so it had better be good. So far, it’s noodles, cucumber, onion, and lime juice. I’ll put the avocado and tomato in tomorrow. I’d thought about making Mock Salmon Pate but I’m planning Persimmon Pudding, too. I don’t need to supply all the raw food at every meal I attend. I’ll take some bananas to munch on and not tank up on a lot of fatty food at midday. I hope the tomatoes are good.

By the way, the ugly oranges may not look nice but they are wonderfully yummy! I wouldn’t mind having another box but I wouldn’t have room to store them.

It’s not far away from 10 and I had planned to be in bed by now. I’d stopped by the church and was surprised to find my key no longer works. The organ isn’t set up. I haven’t practiced. If I’m less than perfect it won’t be my fault. Maybe I’ve been fired and didn’t know it.

It’s Sabbath and I’ve switched gears. So nice to have the seventh day of the week when I’m commanded to rest. Praise the Lord, happy Sabbath and good night!

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  1. bay May 4, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    Tommie, I am catching up on your blog (I have a ways to go still, obviously. I was wondering if your smiling rather than frowning had any lasting effects. Did you continue? Or do you tell all in future posts?

    • Tommie May 4, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

      Dunno, Bay. I still smile a lot but I think that creates wrinkles of its own. They’re better ones, though. 🙂 It also makes people wonder what I’m up to…

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