“Severe weather alert!” came over the intercom.

That was this afternoon at the hospital. The time was about 2:30 CST. I was due to leave an hour and a half later. Since I hadn’t done my shopping for the weekend, I e-mailed my boss and asked to leave at 3 and a yes came through at five minutes ’til.

It had started raining last night and I lay in bed listening to it. I drifted off to sleep only to be awakened by thunder. There was no way I was going to wake up enough to get up and unplug the modem. I didn’t even hope for the best. I just went back to sleep. And it was a deep enough sleep that the alarm had no impact on my unconscious state. My no exercising streak remains unbroken except for the couple of laps yesterday.

I burned one CD so I could keep my promise to the gentleman from church. There’s one more in that package that’s blank. That will take him through January.

When I was on the computer before work, Weather Channel’s Desktop Weather had thundered at me and warned of impending doom descending on a widespread area in Tennessee. I don’t know why WeatherBug was so far behind but it didn’t warn me until tonight. I could have been blown to Kansas by the high winds or washed away by the rain. On my way out, I checked the rain gauge and emptied it of a half inch of water. I don’t remember when I emptied it last.

Happy 7th Anniversary Wikipedia Raw Food

26 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach smoothie
5 banana “mylk”
3 satsumas (the last of them)
1 smallish and 2 tiny Bubbies pickles
Kim chee
Small salad of organic baby lettuces and sweet butter lettuces, tomato, English cucumber, red onion, dressed with lemon juice and EVOO dressing (I poured most of it out)
Kelp noodles with the rest of the cashew dressing
24 ozzies OJ

I visited my friend who is back in her room in the nursing home. Her grapefruit were still in my office so I took them to her. It was still early in the day as far as she was concerned.

Except for taking the CD to the couple, I was essentially at my desk the rest of the day. I did get the Project finished and e-mailed.

At 3, I was out the door like a streak. I went over the mountain and circled through the cemetery, waving at Mother as I went by.

I’d talked to the woman at the roadside market and she said their business is so slow right now she isn’t buying anything. She advised me to go to the market in the other valley. That’s what I set out to do. They’d told her they had oranges that weren’t pretty but tasted good for $18 a box. They also had tomatoes. I’d called yesterday and they had 100 count navel oranges but no juice oranges but they were supposed to get some in today. Well, the man told me they still didn’t have juice oranges. Turns out they did but they were the ugly ones for—get this—$12 a box. I got an assortment of other citrus, too, since they are the least expensive place in town.

BiLo was next and the produce fellow (who is very easy on the eyes) was apologetic that he didn’t have any persimmons. I got a few things (including some Napa cabbage to start some kim chee when I finally decant what’s already going) and proceeded to Wally World. After I left there, I went back to BiLo to see if they had daikon. Nope. But the handsome fellow got his produce list and started quizzing me about what I’d like them to carry. I was getting hungry by that time so I just gave him the highlights. He said they’re mostly a meat and potatoes store but he’d do what he could. I told him I’d buy there if they can keep prices reasonable. I asked, especially, for organic baby spinach in one lub tubs but he wasn’t too sure of that.

On my way up the mountain in the dark and fog, it started raining in earnest. It had been sprinkling up to that point (after raining hard off and on all day). When I pulled in the driveway, I stopped at the other fridge and unloaded part of the things and came to the house. Most of the rest of it was left in the car until the rain slacked off. Probably more than 3/4 box of oranges is still in the trunk. And it’s been raining again.

Yesterday, I managed to collar my doc long enough to ask if he’d looked at my lab work. Yes, he had and he wasn’t concerned about anything but my alkaline phosphatase level. He wants me to repeat that in two months. As for the sky-high folate, he passed it off as a result of my “concoctions”. I told him I’d read that vegetarians usually have higher than usual levels, anyway. He agreed. I guess I’ll live. He has spoken.

With that revelation, I will go to bed. Good night.

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