Things are not always as they appear.

I took an outsider’s view of the forum by looking around without signing in. It looked pretty quiet from that angle. Not many posts. Not much activity. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. The members only areas have been buzzing. Plans to travel, run marathons, trials and tribulations of cravings and detox shared. Friendships being forged. Believe me, it’s awash with posts. I couldn’t begin to get through all of them tonight. It’s a special place that no one but a member can understand.

Last night was the first in a long time I really slept. It was mostly cough-free. In spite of that, I didn’t get up on time and I was late to work—again. I was late leaving, too, so it balanced out.

This was part of my devotions this morning: “The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.” ~ Abraham Lincoln Ain’t it the truth?

No exercising again. This is getting to be a usual thing and it can’t be. I’ll have to get myself in gear.

Elvis’ Birthday Raw Food (I wonder what he would have been like at 73?)

26 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/mango/spinach/agave smoothie
1 bag salad from the supermarket dressed with lime juice, onion powder, and sea salt
4 satsumas
2 Hichaya Hachiya persimmons (from Wally World, pretty but not good—I didn’t finish them)
1 mug garlic lemonade
2 Bubbies pickles
Kelp noodles with guacamole

Guess what! I went to the bank and post office this morning but not the afternoon run. What did I say?

I had two computer projects to work on for other people I never got around to today. I’ll have to put them on a priority list for tomorrow. I stuck close to my phone waiting for a call that finally came in my last half hour. Kind of cramped my style.

My friend hadn’t gone back to the nursing home when I left work. She was convinced she would but it was a little late to be moving. I stayed well away from her to keep from sharing germs. No doubt she’ll be going tomorrow but I could be wrong. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken. 8)

I had an e-mail from my sister chronicling her stops at two different Aldi stores. Reminded me of me. I asked if they had 25¢ grapefruit but she said all they had were bagged small ones not much bigger than oranges so she didn’t get any. She wished me luck. One of the women at work told me she thinks about me whenever she’s in the produce section of a supermarket. She wonders how I’ll be able to maintain my way of eating with prices going up the way they are. Tomatoes were $2.69 a lub today. I don’t have to eat them. Bananas are 49¢ a lub and sometimes less, especially if they are speckled. That’s affordable. I can live through the winter months even though I may not have the food I’d like. I still think I’m a Tropical Creature.

Speaking of the tropics, the sun yesterday was marvelous. One of the staff from another department came out just as I was leaving the patio yesterday. She ate her lunch there and was amazed at how much better she felt with just that much exposure. I’ve about convinced myself that I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I feel blah. Not tired. Just blah. When I get into the sun for even 15 minutes, I improve. That should tell me something. It’s hard to get out when it’s cold and the wind’s blowing. Tonight, there’s a regular symphony playing on the wind chimes. WeatherBug chirped a warning about lake effect winds up to 50 mph with a chance of thunderstorms. A cold front is supposed to move in, too. My body doesn’t know whether it’s winter or summer. It sounded like spring this morning with the birds singing.

I’m headed for bed soon. I’ll bid one and all a good night’s sleep and dreams that are sweet.

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