Do you use Firefox?

If you do, may I ask WHY?? I still haven’t figured out the charm of Firefox. It’s uglier than Internet Explorer, the skins that are available make it even uglier, and I wonder why I even bother. The truth is, every few months I give in and download the latest version and install it. The last thing that prompted it was to see how it displayed my blog and forum since my daughter remarked that some browsers don’t handle apostrophes well. Downloading anything takes time and it took several minutes to complete the 5+MB file. I clicked on it, did the install, and ARGHHHHHH! it was the same mud-fence browser. Clicking on Tools, I went to Add-ons and asked, kindly, for a new theme. I was taken to a page that had a few gaudy ones sprinkled here and there. I chose “Wood”, I think. When it was installed, it looked like the cheap imitation woodgrain on an old Oldsmobile station wagon. Didn’t want that. Next, I tried “Hawaii”. Even worse. Everything was so dark, it was hard to see what the buttons were. When I tried to set my home page, my eyes were about put out by the psychedelic colors of the popup window. I went back to the default theme. It takes too long to download the overblown disasters on dialup to fool with it, especially since I’ll only keep it to check things once in a blue moon. So…I’m back on Opera. I never really left it. It was a temporary diversion for about 15 minutes of my time that I’ll never get back. Opera is so sleek, so svelte, and there are hundreds of ways to change the look and customize it. I have things right where I want them and it’s pretty to boot. The functionality is so far ahead of Firefox that it sings! It’s well named. Opera. Like beautiful music.

Now, back to Planet Earth. It’s already after 9 so I need to get crackin’.

I had planned to do some pared-downed exercises but never did. My food wasn’t what it should be, either.

12th Day of Christmas Raw Food

2 cups garlic lemonade (when I say cups, I mean mugs)
28 ozzies grapefruit juice
26 ozzies OJ
3 Bubbies pickles (I know)
4 persimmons made into pudding with the juice of a lime, an orange, and spices
4 satsumas
1 Clementine (it was dry and unappetizing)
A small salad of romaine, tomato, 2 pickling cucumbers, kelp noodles, dressed with cashew dressing
1 small Bubbies pickle

I’ve done a load of laundry, had a longish conversation with my DD, a shorter one with my oldest child, took out the food scraps, and that’s about it. Not much to show for 24 hours.

Have a wonderful night and a better tomorrow!

4 Responses to Do you use Firefox?

  1. Fruitloop January 7, 2008 at 4:22 pm #

    I use IE as I like to use the control functions on my computer rather than using a mouse. Using a mice slows me down too much and my hand/eye coordination isn’t the greatest which makes mouse use more frustrating. I love to use control fuctions to open new browsers, to open the address box on IE and do a lot of things that a mouse does. Firefox does not have that functionality. I haven’t used Opera, so I don’t know. I’ll have to take a look at it and see if I can use my control functions w/ it.

  2. Tommie January 7, 2008 at 5:11 pm #

    I use the keyboard more than the mouse with Opera, Floop. The commands are a little bit different with Opera but they are easy to learn. It also has mouse gestures which I’ve never used. I love the tabs and the feature that lets me start each new session from the last time. My blog is on the first tab and the forum on the second. From there, it’s whatever. There are little “preview” windows that let you know what a tab is if you point to it. It has a “speed-dial” page that I use now and then. Opera will talk, too, with the plugin installed. I haven’t used that much, either, but for LONG posts, I have. I’ll get up and work in the kitchen while I listen to it. Pretty neat. There are lots of things I have yet to learn that it will do. Maybe you can check it out and teach me!

  3. sweetkali January 9, 2008 at 6:14 pm #

    Firefox is better than IE because:

    1. Firefox is secure and doesn’t allow nastie little buggies to get on your hard drive, causing problems and crashes, and

    2. Firefox has wonderful, wonderful browser extensions, which allow the browser to do things you wouldn’t imagine with any other browser, especially IE.

  4. Tommie January 9, 2008 at 8:14 pm #

    sweetkali, from what I read about Firefox, it’s about as secure as swiss cheese and it takes forever for security holes to be patched. However, I agree that it’s better than IE. About anything is. Have you tried Opera? It’s better than all of them put together plus it’s easy on the eyes.

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