“Dashing through the snow”

In a Honda Y2K,
O’er the roads we go
Sliding all the way—hey, hey, hey!

That’s stretching it but it does make it more interesting, doesn’t it? There might have been half an inch of snow. I don’t know. It was so cold the snow was powdery and the least bit of wind took it away. It was below 13º F when I left for work. Such extremes we’ve had this winter.

There was no exercising. I got up in time but I piddled around and never got to it until it was too late.

Roger Miller Birthday Raw Food Day

31 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
34 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
1 pickling cucumber
4 satsumas
Kim chee
2 tiny Bubbies pickles
29 ozzies grapefruit juice

It was cold as kraut. I started the car and let it run to thaw it out. When I was getting it worked on, I was told I needed to replace the battery. I thought this might be the morning it wouldn’t start and I could call in but it started. Sad.

The trucks had been out and sprayed the roads. No problem there, either.

It didn’t occur to me that the parking lot might be icy so I got out and marched in, no problem once again. I found out there were several near mishaps before I got there. Guess all my years of living in Nebraska educated me to walk on slick surfaces.

My friend told me she had felt bad yesterday and had to be taken to the ED. Her blood pressure was up and she had a terrible headache. She had some news that was quite depressing. One of the ladies in the church who had been battling cancer for years died Sabbath morning. No one had let me know. I found out later the viewing was Sunday and the funeral was Monday. I could have made it to the latter. What makes it so unsettling is that she told me once she had been eating raw long enough to go into remission. I suppose she felt like she was safe so she went back to eating cooked. That’s when her cancer came back. She didn’t try raw again, to my knowledge. She did ask me for recipes and I gave her some. That’s one of the downfalls of trying to substitute raw foods for cooked. Attempting to duplicate tastes doesn’t work. You have to learn to like raw food for what it is.

One of the girls told me she really likes the junior pecans from Sunnyland Farms. She was surprised to find out how expensive they are. Next year, maybe I’ll give her some and forget the rest. They’re too good to waste on people who don’t appreciate them. They can buy their $6 a lub pecans from wherever.

My throat is better today but I must have post nasal drip. My stomach has felt queasy. I’d planned to have a salad but I left it off.

It’s only 8:30 and I’m going to bed. Good night.

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