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I went wild this evening.

More about that later. My exercising consisted of LSEs and my standing routine plus the breathing part of BodyFlex. 100% Raw Food 20 ozzies OJ (really yummy!) 30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie 5 persimmons (3 Fuyu, 2 Hachiya or Hichaya) 1 Bartlett pear 4 tomatoes and 1 Cipolline onion, diced, half an Anaheim pepper, chopped, cubed […]

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If brevity is the soul of wit…

this post will be very witty. I’ve been awake for some 18 hours so far and that’s plenty long enough. First order of business was to uninstall Opera, restart my computer, reinstall Opera, restart, defrag, restart, have my devotions, write my first post of the day, do all of my exercises except for the NT […]

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We have snow!

Not much but snow, nonetheless. When I was exercising this morning, I glanced out the diningroom window and saw it coming down. Since the ground is far from being frozen, it didn’t lay anywhere except where the leaves have fallen and haven’t been raked up. Which is just about everywhere in my yard. I haven’t […]

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Happy birthday, dear sister! Happy birthday to you!

Only thing is, she was feeling poorly yesterday and didn’t have much hope she would be better today. That’s a bummer. The problems are fibromyalgia and arthritis plus possibly other dis-eases. The medications she takes treat the symptoms but not the sources. She’s only seven years older than I am. Scary to think that could […]

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I got an e-mail from Congressman Zach Wamp.

Here it is as it was received: Dear Tommie: The Internet is a vital part of our economy. We must encourage innovation and expanded service for the American public. That is why I am co-sponsoring the Connect the Nation Act to bring broadband services to underserved areas in our country. I also supported the Communications, […]

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Women need seven hours sleep?

That was on Good Morning America. Dr. Oz and another doctor were on there and were speaking with the Voices of Authority. As if that fits every woman in the world. They also stated that men need seven and a half hours sleep. Period. The End. No negotiation. They sounded like people who would believe […]

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