Don’t eat ::all:: your noodles before you get more.

Is that anything like “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched”? Maybe “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? If it isn’t, it hasn’t missed the mark by much. My shipment of kelp noodles should have been delivered by now. I called this morning and got a tracking number. When I went to the DHL web site, I discovered my package had departed Jackson, MS, on Christmas Eve and that’s the last contact with a barcode scanner it has had. BEFORE it departed the facility, this was entered: “Address information needed; contact DHL Customer Service.” I did and talked to a very pleasant man who assured me he would do everything possible to locate my package and have it delivered ASAP. I told him the contents are perishable and the shipper should have been contacted ere long for the information. He apologized, put me on hold for seemingly forever, and came back only to tell me that what I could see online was all he could see, too. Not in so many words but essentially. I called the company and asked how long the noodles would last without refrigeration. I found out they are shelf stable and, with the cool weather, they should be okay. That doesn’t alter the fact that I’m addicted and I’m down to four servings if I don’t share. I have a hard time not sharing when I’ve found something that’s as good as they are. But here I am rattling on about a subject that has nothing to do with my daily routine.

It’s hard to get up when the alarm goes off when I hadn’t done it since last Friday. I made it out of bed not too many minutes later. My exercising was BodyFlex and LSEs.

My Fruitcake Day Raw Food

30 ozzies grapefruit juice
33 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
30 ozzies banana/organic romaine smoothie
4 satsumas
5 persimmons (4 Fuyus and 1 Hachiya Hichaya)
1 hooj Bartlett pear
3 tomatoes, red onion, 1 cucumber, .5 avocado, all chopped up with kelp noodles seasoned with garlic granules, onion granules, taco seasoning, Cajun seasoning, and Tajin

First thing that was on my mind was—this is the anniversary of my mother’s death. Three years ago today, she breathed her last. She had lived over 100 years. I still miss her.

Mother's 99th Birthday
Mother on her 99th birthday

I didn’t get any pictures of her on her 100th because the batteries died in my camera. If anything, she looked better that day than she did the year before. She was an amazing woman.

Circumstances beyond my control elected me to be the bank/post office person today. Not a bad thing for me but not a good thing all around, either.

My friend was snuggled up in bed under a new blanket her daughter gave her for Christmas. I’m beginning to wonder if she will ever be mobile again.

The old nemesis, the schedule, had to be dealt with today. I got it pretty much laid out for the next three weeks and it will start a different rotation. That way, someone new will be off for Christmas in 2008 and not have to use PAL (Paid Annual Leave) time.

My doctor came through and I got another order for lab work. Turns out after he’d written it, I located the original one at the nurses’ station. He put a B12 level and folate on the new one. Guess it’s just as well the first one was out of pocket.

It wasn’t quite 5 when I got home and I was pretty hungry.

I had an invitation from merm to join Grand Central. I’ve done it and have concluded it will do the job of CallWave for free. merm had tried to tell me it would. I attempted to go online and change my “call forward on busy” number only to find out after I’d spent an eternity registering with AT&T, I have to call customer service. They aren’t available at this hour, either. I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

It’s getting later all the time. I’ll have to get ready to go to my son’s in the morning. I’d planned to tonight but I piddled around and didn’t get it done.

Good night, everyone!

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  1. luba December 28, 2007 at 9:55 am #

    Hi Tommie,
    I just have a question which you most likely answered before but I can’t find it. I know you are following( or trying) 811rv. At the same time you are using garlic, kelp noodles, pickles etc. Since you never deviated from the raw I guess you are not using all of this because of “no will power”. There must be a different reason for this.
    I find myself wanting to include some pickles in my salad just “for taste” .Do you think it is not a big deal?
    I’ve been raw on and off for a year now, this is my straight 3rd day of all raw this time. Just looking for info and support.
    Thank you very much for your response, you’ve been an inspiration!

  2. Tommie December 28, 2007 at 8:58 pm #

    I’m not perfect by any means, Luba. I still like things for the taste and texture even though I’m eating raw. I’m sure I would be better off without a lot of the stuff I eat, though the kelp noodles will supply the iodine I need plus one serving has 15% of the RDA for calcium. It will be some time before I can say I’m where Doug Graham is and it may never happen. Please don’t look to me as an example. If you need an example, I’d say that would be Doug Graham. 811rv can include a lot of things that aren’t optimal and still be 811rv but the perfect way to eat would be the way he does it.

    That being said, I don’t believe it’s wrong to enjoy your food and eat some things for “taste”. It’s only if you go overboard and it tears down your health instead of building it up that you should leave it off.

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