Happy Boxing Day!

In some circles it’s St. Stephen’s Day as in “Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast…”

Christmas isn’t quite over for me. I still have a celebration at my son’s place this weekend. Then it will be gathering up all the paper and ribbons to stow them away for another year. And doesn’t it come around quickly!

I did my vision therapy this morning and a little more. My left eye was showing the neglect I’d thrust on it the last few weeks so I gave it a little more attention and by the end, it was much better. I’d written some “tips and tricks” when I first started my therapy. I’ve been intending to hunt it up and put it on its own page so I did just that tonight. You can find it here. I checked out the web site, too, and they have a good deal going plus lots of things I didn’t get when I bought my kit. For $1.95, you can “test drive” the system for 30 days.

My Boxing Day Raw Food

24 ozzies OJ
33 ozzies banana/mixed berry/spinach smoothie
1 large Harry and David pear (very juicy and good)
32 ozzies banana/red leaf lettuce smoothie
Kim chee
4 satsumas
4 persimmons
4 tomatoes
Large salad of organic romaine, organic red onion, cucumber, kelp noodles marinated in lemon juice dressed with the rest of the cashew dressing mixed with Bubbies relish
1 small Bubbies pickle

Looking out, I saw my neighbor’s work van was parked in the driveway. I took the gift for the two of them and knocked and knocked on the back door. No one ever came so I hung it on the door and left.

Later on, I was going out to lay in supplies for now through the weekend and she came out and thanked me for the things. I’d included some satsumas and she said she’d eaten one and liked it.

My trip to town didn’t take long. There were certain things I needed to get. I got them and came home.

There’s been a lot of curiosity on the forum about the kelp noodles. I scanned an empty package and uploaded an image of the front and back. It should be large enough to be able to read all the information printed on it.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work. It’s been nice being off. Friday, as I said, I head out for my son’s place then it’s back on Sunday. Monday, I have an appointment to have the timing belt replaced on my faithful little car. To do everything (timing belt, drive belt, and water pump) it’ll set me back $453.92. Click on my ads! I need the money! Even better if you buy something!

Good night, all. I’m headed for bed.

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