Merry Christmas to all!

And it won’t be long until I’ll tell all a good night!

I gave myself a Christmas present of no exercising. You might catch on that I’m not a big fan. It’s a fact that I feel better when I do it and I have energy to burn but I’m still not crazy about exercising. I should put some music on and dance or march through the house or do something else that’s more entertaining.

Raw Christmas Food

A full quart OJ
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
An apple
4 bananas
4 persimmons (Hachiya Hichaya)
4 satsumas
3 Bubbies pickles
Kelp noodles with avocado (pictured below)

Kelp Noodles with Avocado

This is my favorite way, so far, to fix the noodles. It was oh! so scrumptious! I can’t eat them this way often but they surely are good. It’s a whole avocado (medium sized), mashed with garlic granules, onion granules, and sea salt. Mix with half a 12 ozzie package of kelp noodles which have been marinated in lemon juice (leave the juice in for tartness). Stir well and garnish with just-picked parsley. Ummmmmm!

Early in the day, I called all three of my children’s homes to wish them the best of the season.

Santa did come to see me in the form of my neighbor. She called me and said she’d left something on the steps. It’s a desk lamp with slots for post-its, pens, paper clips, etc. Plus she promised to get the light she gave me last year installed soon! I tried to catch her at home off and on today but never did. I had their gift ready to take over. Maybe I’ll see her tomorrow.

The next gift was from my DD and merm. It about blew me away. It’s a coupon for 1 Blog and 1 Discussion Forum Redesign, good until 12/25/3007. That gives me plenty of time to decide on a different look. My DD is quite adept at web site design and maintenance and merm has some outstanding ideas. I’d been looking at templates and was trying to come up with something that would fit the current format better and I had no idea they had anything in mind. I did know they’d offered to help but I thought they were talking about uploading stuff for me since they are on broadband and I’m not. So watch out! Things, they are a’changin’!

I showered and got ready to go to my son’s place. Mother’s grave was almost on the way so I made a little side trip to check on her. When I was about halfway to my destination, it started raining. Not hard, but raining and I had no umbrella with me. As is my custom, I had to stop to find some facilities and managed to park close enough I could get inside quickly. It was a little convenience store and the clerk was nice to point me in the right direction. On my way, I noticed a rack with several different kinds of fruit including some beautiful bananas. Turns out they were 79¢ each (plus tax). I hadn’t taken anything to eat because all of my bananas are ripe and good for smoothies but not eating out of hand. I splurged and bought four. The clerk was quite cheerful and we got into a short conversation. She was working a four hour shift and would go home and cook food to take to her in-law’s for supper. We wished each other a Merry Christmas and I left.

My granddaughter met me at the door wearing her new “jammies” and a big smile. I put the presents under the tree, greeted my son and DIL, and started visiting. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to know what was in the gift bags. The gifts were handed out and curiosity was satisfied. I’m now the proud owner of Harry & David fruit—apples, oranges, and pears. My granddaughter and I each had an apple. Tasty.

There were some new “family members” I had to meet. Nikita (I don’t know if I spelled that right), a beautiful Siberian Husky pup, and some fish in a 10-gallon aquarium. Shades of my son’s childhood. He was always into fish, both fresh- and saltwater.

One of my gifts to her was a “Playhut”. Her mother set it up and it made a hit. She’d get in it with a stack of books and call out, “Books for sale!” We’d bargain for them and end up “paying” anywhere from $1 to $5 and get back “five hundred thousand dollars and three” in change. At that rate, I could retire early. All of the adults took turns buying books.

Dark comes early so I left a little after 4 to come home after there were hugs all around. I had to stop on the way to get gas to make sure I wouldn’t run out. I put in $5.02 (about the price of a book) and it wasn’t even two gallons.

I’d failed to take a 30 month anniversary picture last night so I did it when I got home. Here it is:

Yours truly

I’ll add it to the Rogue’s Gallery page, too. I took a picture of me with Twinkle but it didn’t turn out too well. A little note—my DIL asked what size jeans I was wearing. I told her they were a size 6. She had thought she could give me her old jeans but they were a 10. Guess not. It was nice of her, anyway.

There was one more gift I hadn’t opened. My sister writes for a women’s devotional book and usually has a submission or two published every year. This one was no exception so I had my own little Christmas celebration here at home.

I started watching “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” but had to stop so I could blog. Now it’s getting too late to watch any more tonight. Think I’ll take a raincheck and fly up. Oh, I climbed around and found Twinkle had, in fact, loosened the connection between the TV and the DVD player.

A week from today will be the New Year. 2008. That’s strange. Good night!

2 Responses to Merry Christmas to all!

  1. Chris (clayjunky) December 27, 2007 at 10:19 am #

    You definately need to add music to your exercise routine. It makes alot of difference. I got myself a mp3 player, down loaded some of my favorite tunes, and only allow myself to listen to them while I’m exercising. I’ve often added extra time to my workout, just so I could continue listening. If I get tired of the songs, I give myself a treat and download some more. I keep a notebook in my car so I can write down favorite songs as I hear them, so I don’t forget when it comes time to update. You can also add songs from your (or a friend’s) CD’s.

  2. Tommie December 27, 2007 at 9:05 pm #

    I’ll have to try that, Chris. I usually watch something I’ve recorded while I exercise but maybe music would do the trick.

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