My left side is one big ache.

I knew I would probably be sore and I am. I had to abbreviate or eliminate some of my exercises. When I was doing kneeling ones, I stopped because it was too painful. I’m sure I haven’t broken anything or torn muscles or ligaments and there isn’t any obvious bruising. That doesn’t keep it from hurting. My neck hurts. My back hurts under my left shoulder blade. My left hip is a-painin’. Then there’s my knee. Who knew that one split second would end up like this? It isn’t the first time I’ve tripped over cords under desks. Seems like I’d learn, huh?

My Raw Food for the Day

16 ozzies OJ
1 Bartlett pear
30 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
3 Hachiya persimmons or maybe it’s Hichaya
3 satsumas
Kim chee
2 Bubbies pickles
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Salad of romaine, cucumber, Cippoline onion, kelp noodles, dressed with cashew dressing

There is very little I’ve accomplished today. When my DD called, I was contemplating soaking in the tub. Before I called her back, I started the water and climbed in. Our time on the phone was a little over 45 minutes and I was in there the whole time.

My son called later and figured I’d fallen because of my advanced age but I assured him it wasn’t that at all. He said he’d call again Christmas and there’s a present under the tree with my name on it.

Someone left a message on CallWave that a man I’ve known all my life (just about) has died. They will have a memorial service. I’ll call tomorrow and find out what the arrangements are. If I don’t feel better, I won’t be going. I’m sure it will be where most of the family lives and it’s quite a distance to travel.

Because I wasn’t into doing anything, I decided I’d watch “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” but the DVD player isn’t communicating with the TV. When my soreness lessens, I’ll see if Twinkle has loosened a connection somewhere. She likes to get up on the shelves and roam around.

There isn’t much to report. I posted on the forum off and on all day. I’m going to bed soon and see if a good night’s rest will help. Good night!

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