We have snow!

Not much but snow, nonetheless. When I was exercising this morning, I glanced out the diningroom window and saw it coming down. Since the ground is far from being frozen, it didn’t lay anywhere except where the leaves have fallen and haven’t been raked up. Which is just about everywhere in my yard. I haven’t had time to do anything with leaves.

Speaking of exercises, I did all of them including a ::blush:: 55 second pushup. It’s embarrassing to even put that down.

100% Raw Food

21 ozzies OJ
2 Fuyus and 2 Hachiyas (or is it Hichayas?)
The rest of the raw sauerkraut
Kim chee
4 tomatoes with Tajin
Medium salad—the rest of my organic romaine, cucumber, tomato, red onion, Bubbies relish, dressed with cashew dressing
Kelp noodles
4 satsumas
3 small Bubbies pickles

The Fuyu persimmons I ordered from Matt Family Orchard are rotting instead of ripening. I went through and had to throw away 20 and found only two I could eat. The Hachiyas Hichayas are doing better though I’ve had a couple of fatalities with them, too. Next year, I’ll stick with Dario. His season isn’t as long but the quality is always there and he makes good if there’s ever a goof even if it isn’t his fault. I e-mailed the Orchard and have heard nothing. That was over a week ago. I can’t afford to buy compost.

My DD called and we talked for just about 45 minutes. She is looking forward to some long weekends. After the first of the year, she will be transitioning to a new job. Her commute will be significantly longer, which is the downside. Her present employer has tried to convince her to stay with them but they can’t up the ante enough to make it happen. As far as the commute is concerned, I told her it will give her time to read more so she can post new content on her blog at Novel Eats. That is a small comfort. Her commute will be in three stages—subway, train, and shuttle. If she misses the shuttle, she will have to spring for a cab. I’m glad I live 20 minutes away from work.

Another waste in the world of raw was some spinach pesto I made to go on my kelp noodles. I put too much lemon juice and, after I marinated the noodles in it, I washed it off and down the drain. It was half a bag of spinach, some of my slow growing basil, a couple of tablespoons of pine nuts, the aforementioned lemon juice, garlic, and EVOO. Sad sad sad. EXPENSIVE.

It’s been cold! It’s 24º now. It started out at 49º just after midnight and has traveled steadily down all day.

I didn’t do laundry since I’d only worn one work outfit after I did it last Thursday. Funny thing about eating raw…sweat doesn’t have the strong odor usually associated with it. Neither does urine or feces. Is that TMI? (For the uninitiated, that means “too much information”.) I first noticed that (about the perspiration) when I was on a long weekend in August, 2005. We’d been doing a lot of hiking and my shirt was soaked. I took it off and hung it up to dry because mildew can be a real problem in this part of the country. The next day, I smelled it and there was nothing to smell! Just doing a little sharing of personal tidbits.

The tape is finished up. I put two MythBuster episodes, an Iron Chef, Iron Chef America, two Dinner Impossibles, one Boy Meets Grill (a vegetarian theme), one special about Hostess vs Little Debbie, and finished it off with some Animusic. It’s lots different than other tapes I’ve done for him.

I’ve about finished up my Christmas shopping. It may not all get here in time. If it doesn’t, it will just stretch the holiday out a little. Someone was saying she didn’t know how to shop on the Internet. I do and it’s only too easy.

The party’s over
It’s time to call it a day
They’ve burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away
etc., etc.

Good night!

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