It wasn’t the wildest office Christmas party…

but it was fun. I ended up with lots of loot. More about that later.

I woke early early in the morning and went to the bathroom. After my mind turned to all the things I had to do, I thought I’d never get back to sleep. Finally, I drifted off only to be jarred awake by the alarm.

It was supposed to be vision therapy day but I didn’t have time. I used that 30 minutes to fix food for the celebration.

100% Raw Food

20 ozzies grapefruit juice
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
12 ozzies persimmon pudding (I’ll post this recipe later)
Lots of salad of romaine, iceberg, red cabbage, carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato, red sweet pepper, red onion, avocado, kelp noodles, dressed with EVOO & lime dressing
32 ozzies OJ
8 ozzies persimmon pudding
2 Bubbies pickles
A couple bites of Bubbies relish

I called in late before I’d even begun to load the car or shower. That took the pressure off.

After I got everything done and was in the car ready to back out, I realized I’d failed to get the salad. I dashed back in the house, got it, and was on my way. The fuel light had been coming on, intermittently, so I detoured to the gas station and filled up to the tune of $30.30. I must’ve been on the fumes because I don’t remember ever putting that much in the tank.

The sky was cloudy and it was drippy outside but not actively raining. By the time I got to the valley, I was having to use the wipers. The people were braving the weather (no more record breaker warmth today!) to have the roadside stand. And they had pickling CUCUMBERS! I could’ve hugged the woman but I didn’t.

One more stop to get some bags ‘n things and it was on to the hospital. The rain was getting to be a little more active by then. I left most of my stuff in the car—especially since I was going to have to finish up the gift bags after UPS ran.

There were gift bags everywhere in the office but very little food. I’d taken the salad stuff, persimmon pudding, and enough oranges to make juice for everyone. The other food consisted of ham puffs, little muffin thingies, some kind of meat pie with cheese on top, homemade chocolate candies, fudge pie, and another pie of uncertain origin. I never did find out what it was. Rather than people fixing food for lunch, they’d decided to get pizza to go with my salad. One of the girls went to the kitchen and got dressing to go with it after finding out what I’d brought. THEN the person-who-had-the-day-off came in (they are never all there at the same time) and she had been busy. She’d fixed shrimp wrapped with bacon, tortilla/cream cheese mixture pinwheels (I used to love them but they didn’t move me today), and it seems like something else but I don’t remember.

We launched into eating. I asked who wanted OJ and no one did. They preferred Sundrop and Coke. The salad intake was low which left more for me. One of the staff took one chunk of avocado and a little bit of the kelp noodles but other than that, my offerings were left alone. FYI, she pronounced the noodles good in the salad but she didn’t get another helping.

I ate part of my salad and then went to the car to finish up the bags after the rest of the contents got there. It was stuffy and the rain had stopped. I rolled the windows down while I worked. I struggled inside with all the bags and distributed them. My desk had five bags on it. We all went through everything and exclaimed over the bounty. The off-duty registrar had gone by and gotten each of us a “scratch-off” ticket. It was my first experience with such and, wouldn’t you know it—I had three in a row! My prize is a free ticket. I’ll go by and get one tomorrow and if not then, sometime.

Our ornament/decoration exchange went well. I drew #1 and we had a time taking each other’s choices away. I finally took the last unopened one and that ended it. All of them were snowmen of one kind or another. It hadn’t been planned that way. It just happened. It was suggested that we should have a theme next year. The tradition is evolving.

My friend profited from the gifting. She loves candy canes and I had several in one of my gift bags. The shipment of satsumas came in. I took a bag to her for an early Christmas gift. She was thrilled. She asked if I were eating outside. I don’t think she’d noticed it was raining.

An employee from another department came looking for food. I let her try the persimmon pudding and she loved it! She’d had some of the other leftovers, too, and made all the right noises but she was truly surprised with the pudding.

I gave the rest of the kelp noodles (which wasn’t much after I’d gotten into them) to the girl who directed me to the Asian market originally. She’d never had them quite like that. She hopes the market will stock them so she can buy them occasionally.

The rain gauge had .6″ in it this evening. I think it’s supposed to rain all night tonight and into tomorrow. I’m so glad.

It’s been an exciting, full day and I’m ready for it to be over. I’ve fed Twinkle and made sure she has water. Tomorrow is the hospital Christmas party and we are all supposed to bring food to go with the turkey and ham the kitchen is providing. I’m tired of fixing good food and either bringing it home or throwing it out so I think I’ll take what I’m planning to eat and let it go at that.

Good night!

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