Praise the Lord! It’s raining!

And praise the Lord again! It waited until I got home and unloaded to start!

My exercise this morning consisted of BodyFlex. Period. I wanted to get a jump on my day but it didn’t help a whole lot.

100% Raw Food

36 ozzies OJ/strawberry/agave smoothie
5 bananas
2 cucumbers
Dehydrated mango
2 persimmons (Fuyu, not Hachiya Hichaya)
3 tiny Bubbies pickles (more like gherkins)
Samples of organic raw kraut and organic kim chee
Regular kim chee (a couple bites)
Large salad of romaine, cucumber, tomato, red onion, dressed with cashew dressing thinned out with lemon juice

In addition to snow in canyon-land and the Great Northwest, I got this picture from merm:


The rooftop at the bottom of the picture is where they had their garden. If you look at the neighbor’s roof, you can see the pots where she had her tomato plants after she was influenced by their homegrown produce. Initially, merm sent me a cute picture of himself and my DD but they thought it wasn’t good of them so I’m not allowed to post it. Sorry, folks.

Try as I might, I didn’t get out the door to go shopping until noon. I took the bananas, cucumbers, and mango with me. I remember when my mother would want to take a lunch when we’d go somewhere after I was an adult. I’d turn my nose up at the idea and insist on stopping somewhere to eat. Now, I hardly ever eat out (my restaurant review page is over a period of more than two years) and try to always go prepared with food. Of course, the food I take isn’t what she would have wanted. Times do change.

The cemetery wasn’t on the agenda today since I’d been there yesterday. I headed straight for the university supermarket, got my things and left in record time. I was patting myself on the back when I was on my way to the Asian market. The parking lot was full to overflowing but I managed to squeeze in at the end. When I went to check out, there was a line. I told the man I would send him the link for kelp noodles. I’ll do that tomorrow.

It was on to the organic market. I knew the time would come someday and it did today. The new store is open. The old one is closed for remodeling. I got out and read the directions and set out for parts unknown. I was fairly familiar with the area but not familiar enough. It was supposed to be 1.5 miles away but I ended up driving I don’t know how far trying to find it. I finally wound around so I ended up back at the old store and this time I wrote down the directions. I didn’t clock it but I could’ve sworn it’s farther than they say. The new place is beautiful and big and rather commercial-looking. They have a large selection of things and even a small display of raw foods. There were four different kinds of kim chee, all vegan, and raw sauerkraut. I got some organic kim chee and a jar of the kraut. I kept winding around in there until I’d probably killed an hour or more.

Instead of back-tracking the way I came to go to Aldi, I took the long way around—again. When I did get there, I was glad to find the toys I wanted for my granddaughter and grapefruit! for 33¢ each! I got a couple dozen.

Wally World was my last stop and it took forever in there. Not that I got that much but I couldn’t find what I needed. I’d gotten some of the “eyelash” yarn and plain soft yarn for my nursing home giftee. Someone else had liked the eyelash, too, because it had disappeared out of my cart when I got to the checkout. I didn’t need the other without it so I laid it to the side. At least it was lifted before I paid for it.

By the time I got home, it was well after dark. Everything is unloaded and put away. My bank account is much less but I won’t need anything from the store for a few days. I got 48¢ a lub bananas for 33¢ a lub with the comp price ad. Oh, and I got my money back for the four avocados that rotted and didn’t ripen.

It’s going on 10:30 and time to close this down for another day. Good night!

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