The Tomato Man has passed on.

DubI knew he wasn’t doing well but he was such a fixture it’s hard to imagine life without him. He left this life yesterday and will be buried on Sunday. Visitation is tomorrow afternoon. I’ll go down after church. He was a nice, decent person who loved to visit and tell tales. I missed going by and chatting with him over a paper bag of tomatoes (he refused to use plastic because the tomatoes would roll around in it) after I started buying organic from Nancy. Once in awhile, I’d still stop and buy a cup of ‘maters to keep the tradition alive but not every few days like I used to. He spent winters selling produce by the courthouse and would inevitably be interviewed by the press if something noteworthy was going on. His unique brand of wisdom was easy to recognize. He didn’t have a first and middle name—just initials—but he was known to everyone as “Dub”. And, Dub, we’ll miss you! May you rest in peace.

I was up and at ’em this morning in time to do my standing exercises. I’ve decided to break it up and not BodyFlex five times a week.

100% Raw Food

23 ozzies OJ
34 ozzies banana/romaine/agave smoothie
36 ozzies banana/romaine/agave smoothie
2 poncans/ponkans
3 Hichaya aka Hachiya, 1 Fuyu
3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, red onion (I agree with Rachael Ray that it’s really purple), avocado, all diced and mixed together with Frontier Salt-Free Taco Seasoning and garlic powder with just a splash of Bragg EVOO
Romaine leaves for wraps with the above

I had a huge amount of romaine today. What I washed last night filled a gallon bag packed in and pressed down. It was hard to close. I used half of it for breakfast and the rest for lunch. Then I had probably a half dozen large leaves as wraps. I would have eaten more but it was pretty messy.

Back to this morning. I was the post office/bank person yesterday (though there wasn’t any mail for the afternoon trip) and was asked to do it again. One of the registrars requested to go the first run so she could get stuff to decorate the office for Christmas. That was fine with me. I got to drink my breakfast smoothie instead of go to town.

My friend was a true prophetess yesterday. She really did come back today but it she was on her way as I was leaving work. I won’t have time to go by and see her tomorrow and Sunday is going to be full. From what she said she is tired and probably won’t care if I leave her alone. I’ll visit with her Monday.

There was a good stack of mail to take this evening so I was out early. When I got to the top of the mountain, I stopped by the roadside market and they actually had the romaine this time. It is beautiful! Very fresh and crispy. That’s where I got the poncans/ponkans, too.

Twinkle’s food was on the steps when I pulled up to the house. It was still frozen solid. I unpacked it without bringing in the box until it was empty. Made it very easy not to have to haul it around. She has a couple of beef/salmon nuggets in her bowl.

It isn’t getting any earlier and I do want to get to bed at a reasonable hour. Good night and happy Sabbath!

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