It’s Black Friday but I didn’t share in the bounty.

I’ve been there, done that, and don’t ever want to do it again. It’s fine if the things are what they are advertised to be and a person needs them. There was one year I got up hours before daylight and was at the store by 5 am. Nothing I was interested in met my expectations and I ended up buying things I could have bought on any Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday.

It was about the same time as yesterday when I got up. First thing, I called the roadside market up here on the mountain and asked about the promised run to get veggies. I bombed. They didn’t go. Again.

Since the energy I use today was produced by the food I ate the day before, I did most of my exercises. Just remembered I forgot the chair pushups. On purpose, I didn’t do the NT or HR. (If you don’t know what my NT and HR are, check out my FAQs.)

100% Raw Food

Almost a quart of strawberry/OJ/agave smoothie
26 ozzies OJ
4 banana/2 persimmon smoothie (it sounds better than it was) (I think I’ll continue to eat the persimmons as they are)
22 ozzies grapefruit juice
30 ozzies banana/wild blueberry/organic spinach smoothie
2 persimmons (peeled and eaten)

There’s never been a more beautiful day than today with the sun shining in the blue sky but it was COLD. The warm temperatures earlier in the week have disappeared. Currently, it’s 27º F. My sister sent an e-mail saying she has between 5-6 inches of snow and it’s still snowing. She had plans to go to town today but thought better of it. She’ll probably stay in tomorrow, too, but she’s prepared for whatever the weather brings.

My neighbor’s livestock is about to get on my last nerve. They were out scratching around and eating the scraps I put on what used to be my compost pile. The flock comsists of two hens and two guinea fowl. The rooster has gone to Poultry Heaven, I guess. If the rest of them did, I wouldn’t mourn. I was google-ing “livestock” and found this. Interesting.

Since I wasn’t going to get away with a trip to the roadside market, I had to ready myself and go to town with a stop to check on Mother’s grave. This time, I covered my route backwards. First, I went to the produce place my mother loved to frequent, then to BiLo, and last of all, to Wally World. I’d left home later than I planned but I made it back and got everything unloaded and put away (except for one container of mushrooms I missed) before sundown.

Now, I’m heading for bed and I hope everyone out there has a good night’s rest and a happy Sabbath!

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