Day two of a four day fast?

Nope. Didn’t make it. I wasn’t hungry but more about that later.

It rained again during the night. Lightning and thunder woke me up. I unplugged the phone line so my modem wouldn’t get zapped. When I checked the gauge today, it had .9″ in it. The valley got another .34″. That makes about the same there as here.

I lazed in bed until 8:30. Not that I was asleep—I just stayed there.

Exercise was minimal since I was supposed to be resting. I did the breathing part of BodyFlex but didn’t do the GymBar routine.

100% Raw Food

60 ozzies water (some with lemon)
58 ozzies OJ (kind of overdid it)
4 bananas blended with water
3 persimmons
4 tomatoes with parsley (from my little patch—cool weather has made it much tastier)

Twinkle got a Thanksgiving Day treat—canned cat food of the turkey variety. She scarfed it up in no time flat, licked the bowl and the can.

I was going along with trying to make it through the day without eating when my eyes started acting up. I was getting totally freaked out. When I’d look at something on the computer, I wasn’t able to see the center of whatever I was looking at. It was like there was a shimmery dot that was blocking it. It didn’t matter which eye I was using. It was still there. I could see it with my eyes closed. I had looked on the WWW for any information on the happening. I was sure I wasn’t the only person in the world who ever experienced it. Finally I had to give up because I couldn’t see to read. Gradually, the dot got bigger, then it seemed to move over to one side. I decided I would lie down for awhile and maybe it would go away. What do you know! It did!

I was freaking out, thinking my lack of food was causing it. That’s when I went on my OJ binge.

I came back to the computer and searched some more. After many tries, I got the right combination of keywords and found what I needed to know. I looked at several sites and they all told me the same things but this one actually had pictures depicting the condition. It’s a relief to know I’m not going blind. That was a scary thing.

Later on, I took a soak in the tub then went to bed for something over an hour. I didn’t really sleep. I did doze a time or two.

I hadn’t talked to anyone except Twinkle when my eldest son called me about 8:15 to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving. We didn’t talk long. They were driving in rural Indiana watching it snow (my DIL was at the wheel) and the signal would almost cut out now and then. They’ll be going home Sunday since she has to be back at work Monday. He’s off until Tuesday.

Two of my sisters e-mailed with descriptions of all their cooking. Better them than me! Eating raw is very liberating—and healing.

When I found raw, I was desperate for something that would make me the person I wanted to be rather than one with gallbladder problems, chest pain, high blood pressure, and symptoms of diabetes, not to even speak of thyroid disease. That, alone, gave me the impetus to change my way of eating. Since I already loved fruit, it wasn’t hard to switch to a diet that’s primarily that.

There are so many people out there who are defined by their ailments. I’m fascinated by all the comparisons of diseases I hear when my friends and acquaintances get together. It’s a litany of aches, pains, doctors’ offices, medications, surgeries, and hospital stays. Sorry, but I don’t want to participate. And they don’t want to do what it takes to keep from it. Cooked food is truly addictive.

It’s getting close to 10 and I should be in bed. Tomorrow is another day. We’ll have to wait and see if I spend it at home.

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