There was a trace of rain in the gauge this morning.

It surprised me to hear it coming down last night. I was hoping for more but we can use every drop.

I decided I would change my routine and not do BodyFlex. I did everything else except for the NT and HR. My pushup lasted for 71 seconds. Slowly inching back up there.

100% Raw Food

24 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/romaine/agave smoothie
30 ozzies banana/romaine/agave smoothie
3 tomatoes and 1 cucumber
20 ozzies OJ
4 persimmons
1 cucumber, .5 avocado, with a little salad I’d taken to the spaghetti supper
16 ozzies OJ

After 10, I called my friend to see if she wanted to go to the supper. She said someone else had already said they’d pick her up.

I wasn’t going to see her but when I went by her door, she yelled at me. There she was, standing up dressed and walking around. The physical therapist had given her a serious talk and told her the same things I’ve been telling her all along. That woke her up and now she is ready to get up and do something besides lie in bed and feel sorry for herself. The next project will be getting her out of her room so she can meet some of the other residents.

Much to my dismay, the funeral was this afternoon. There was no way I could go but two of the girls (one on duty and one not) went to represent us. It was said the baby looked like an angel in the little coffin.

It was so busy I didn’t get a chance to eat my tomatoes until about 10 ’til 3. One of the nurses took a look at my bowl and said, “Tomatoes! That’ll put the weight on ya!”

I had intended to leave at 3 and get home to fix my supper for the supper. It was more like 3:20 when I finally got out. When I got here, I started in and didn’t let up until I walked out the door. I made a salad, spiralized two zucchini, made Magic Tomato Sauce, peeled five persimmons, juiced the oranges, put on my clothes and left.

The supper was already under way when I got there. The crowd wasn’t as big as in previous years so it was no problem to find a seat. My friend wasn’t there yet. When she did come in, I gave her one of the persimmons. I don’t think she was overwhelmed so I won’t bother sharing with her again.

I was looking around and came to the conclusion that the tables should be placed across the room instead of length-wise so more people can be closer to the stage. It was hard to hear where we were and that, coupled with the fact that the lettuce wasn’t great, made me decide to quit crunching and listen. I didn’t even try to eat my pasta and sauce.

My contribution to the talent show was “Second Hand Rose“. I don’t sing it exactly the way it’s written. There was lots of clapping and even some whistling when I got through. The school kids did several skits plus there were two guitar solos, a story-teller, and a duet. Not as much participation this year, either, but it was all good and got lots of laughs. It was over by 8 pm. Life on the edge.

I took my friend back to the nursing home. She remarked that it isn’t as pretty as the rehab center she was in but she likes it! Then she said she thought she would stay there until warm weather and get strong enough to be on her own. Again !! She may not feel that way tomorrow but it was a big step for her to tonight.

She was signed back in and I came on home. I promised I wouldn’t go over 80 mph.

My stomach wanted something when I got in so that’s when I had the last installment of OJ.

Now, I’m going to get ready for bed. It’s getting close to 11. Good night!

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