Well, let’s see what there is to write about…

The storm did materialize. It sounds like it’s moving off into the distance every now and then but it comes roaring back. I know it will eventually be gone and that’s a sadness.

Today was Wednesday all day long. It started out with my vision therapy.

100% Raw Food

1 quart OJ/peach/agave smoothie (I’m going to donate the rest of the peaches to the school or whoever will take them)
14 ozzies OJ
30 ozzies banana/spinach smoothie (I found out I don’t like bananas alone with spinach)
An Ambrosia apple less 2 slices I shared
Apple(s) with Snow
4 tomatoes
4 persimmons
Salad of romaine, red leaf, sweet onion, cucumber, tomato, with the rest of the Cashew Mayonnaise

I forgot about the tiny watermelon I got at the used food store the other day. I ate it yesterday. It was good and sweet. I have one more.

There was evidence that it had rained last night but not enough to have anything in the rain gauge. There was a very little bit in a bucket I left out to catch it.

It was a beautiful morning up here on the mountain. You would have thought it was spring the way the birds were singing in the sunshine. When I got part of the way down the mountain, there was fog and it was dreary and cloudy until on up in the morning. I did get out and walk three laps and it felt good.

When I got back, I saw a woman who used to work in the nursing home my friend was in originally. She asked about her and when she found out she is back in town, she went over to visit her. I’m sure they were glad to see each other.

I’d called my hairdresser the other day and asked if she remembered me. It had been a long time since I got my hair cut. I told her I was about to the point of putting my hair up in a pony tail. It wasn’t quite that bad but I’d whacked on my bangs and sideburns twice. She had an opening today so I went in to be shorn. I won’t know for sure until tomorrow but I think this may be the best haircut yet. I like the way she styled it even though it won’t look the same when I do it. No one commented on it except when my friend said my hair is silvery gray. It doesn’t look that way in my bathroom mirror but maybe it’s the lighting in there that makes it look more blond.

Since I’m a month ahead on my house payment, I rounded the amount up and made a payment on the principal today. I’d like to be able to do that often and get it paid off before I retire. I don’t know that it will be possible but I’ll surely try.

The people with the roadside stand were in town. They had pickling cucumbers and Indian River oranges! The man cut one of the oranges and had me sample it. It was sweet and juicy and I ended up with a 1/4 bushel bag.

I got an e-mail from Roger that he is suspending my services as a coach on his forum for now. That will take some of the pressure off since I won’t feel obligated to check it and post often. For right now, it’s a relief.

There’s no more thunder and lightning but, thank God, the rain hasn’t stopped. I’ll get back on and upload this. w.bloggar does come in handy now and then.

Good night!

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