I’m up later than I should be.

It’s this durned dialup again. I finally bit the bullet and set up some payees and payments in my online banking. Months ago, the site went to a different software package and everything disappeared. Since everything takes forever and a day to do, I’d put it off as long as possible. I’m tired of keeping up with this payment and that payment so I’ve set the ones up that aren’t already bank drafts except for one and I go in and do a manual draft every month. Now that you know my personal business, I’ll go on.

I made it up in good time this morning and spent an hour, more or less, exercising. I did all of my routine including a measly 65 second pushup.

100% Raw Food

48 ozzies OJ/strawberry smoothie
16 ozzies banana/pomegranate juice/spinach smoothie (it was a beautiful shade of pink until I added the spinach and then it turned Army Green)
A few bites kim chee (more about that later)
32 ozzies banana/peach/romaine/agave smoothie (it made more but it wasn’t delicious so I decided against the rest)
Salad of romaine (both organic and conventional), tomatoes, sweet onion, cucumber, dressed with Cashew Mayonnaise

I was in the process of getting the kim chee out of the crock when my DD called and left a message on CallWave. I finished up and ate a little of what was left in the crock. It was disappointing. I hadn’t found the seasoning I’d gotten to put in it so it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I’d found the seasoning since then so I put some in the jars, shook it up, and they are sitting on the counter. Hopefully, it will continue its thing.

I called my DD back and got voice mail. She called me shortly and we talked for less than an hour. We both had things to do and not much news to share.

My laundry went on the line and then I left for the valley. I went by and picked leaves out of the arrangement on Mother’s grave.

The dumpsters are available on Sunday so I took a full bag down. I thought I’d have two but the second wasn’t full.

Next stop was the “used food store” where they have mislabeled items and overruns for ‘way less than other places. I got some frozen peaches that aren’t that good besides a couple of tiny melons and some paper towels. I’d planned to go to Wally World but I’d neglected to include a panty liner as part of my wearables today. I had somewhat of an incident that prevented my going anywhere but home. That was frustrating because I’d gone down there mainly for that reason. Live and learn. What childbirth doesn’t do to us mothers.

Close to sundown, I got the things off the line and made up the bed. It’s calling to me now. I think I’ll listen. Good night!

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