What a difference 15 minutes makes.

I was in bed before 9 last night and up before 8 this morning.

100% Raw Food

Well over a quart of OJ/strawberry blend
A yummy young coconut
28 ozzies banana/spinach/agave smoothie (my bananas aren’t ripening very quickly)
1 really good sweet kiwifruit and two sour ones I couldn’t eat
Kim chee
Zucchini pasta with Magic Tomato Sauce
Salad of romaine, red leaf, tomato, cucumber, and sweet onion dressed with Cashew Mayonnaise (I thinned it out some to make it pourable)

My friend had told me she’d call last night if she needed a ride to church. She didn’t call so I naturally thought I was on my usual schedule to leave about 10:15. At 9:27, CallWave alerted me and a message came through to call her back. Turns out she still needed a ride and I was nowhere close to being ready to leave. I rushed around and was in the car and pulling out of the driveway about a half hour later with my hair still damp. I had to get her signed out and I made sure it would be okay for someone else to bring her back. She planned to stay for lunch and I had made no plans to. The wheelchair she is using now is much heavier than the one she had before so I had to go back inside and get a man to put it in the trunk for me.

We pulled up to the church with song service already starting. I dashed up to one of the deacons and asked him to get the wheelchair out of the trunk and bring the Lady inside. Someone had unlocked the organ which helped a lot. I don’t know how many songs I’d missed but no one died.

The usual program followed and then I moved back to the back for the lesson study. I was sitting across the aisle from the Lady and observed her shifting in the wheelchair and wincing. I got up and asked if she were okay. She told me she was in pain but she would be okay. I made her promise to tell me if she needed to go back and I’d take her. I think that appealed to her stubbornness enough to make her sit still and expressionless as far as that went. There’s a man with a very loud voice who would talk right beside her and she’d make a face but that was the extent of it.

When I got back to the organ, I noticed she was out of her seat. She’d gone to use the facilities without the aid of her wheelchair. One of the ladies was helping her along. She hasn’t been up and walking much and I was concerned but it was for nothing. She made it slowly but okay. The pew was more comfortable that the chair and she finished the service there.

The pastor and his wife are at a marriage get-away this weekend so one of the elders had the sermon. Getting started on time made a difference and we got out a little early. That was nice since I was hungry. When I was leaving the church, the speaker’s wife (who is also one of my oldest and dearest friends) stopped me and told me she and her husband are eating LOTS of raw. She seemed to be feeling good. She also said she had read on my blog about my sister collapsing at Grandparents’ Day. Turns out, she was there with her grandson and had heard someone had a heart attack. She listened at church that weekend to see if anything was said. I told her I was sure my sister would have not wanted to be mentioned. I would have liked to have stayed and talked to her some more about our eating habits but my stomach was gnawing on my backbone.

On the way to check on my friend, I stopped to greet a visiting couple. The wife and I got involved in a lengthy conversation which we finished on the way to the Fellowship Hall.

I found the Lady in Question wrapped in a bright plaid blanket and visiting with the members. I made arrangements for her to be taken back to the nursing home and left.

On the way to the house, I snagged the young coconut and red leaf lettuce. I was so hungry I ate too much too fast and am not feeling wonderful. Not sick. Just kind of blah. I would have liked to have had some persimmons but there aren’t any ripe enough.

I called my friend about 7 pm and she was in bed. She said she was feeling okay and had a long visit with one of the ladies from the church after she got back. The visitor had her guitar with her and played it for both the ladies in the room. She wanted to know where I had gone so quickly today and I said I came home and ATE! Hopefully, in the future, she will give me fair warning and I won’t have to fly out the door so unprepared. I’d gone from my OJ and strawberries to after 2 pm without eating. I should have, at least, had the presence of mind to grab some bananas.

Speaking of bananas, I put a couple of bunches on the fridge to ripen. They are too cool in the utility room where I store them. I also have some avocados on the fridge that I think aren’t going to be good. They were 59¢ each at the university supermarket and I don’t believe they were worth that much. They’re small which is okay but they are still hard. I’d gotten some at ALDI for 99¢ each that I can tell are going to be GOOD.

I forgot to update my weight on the forum. Guess I’d better do that now and then go to bed. Good night!

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