Happy Sabbath to one and all!

I am that glad it’s Sabbath. This has been a tough week but it seems most of them are these days.

I got in BodyFlex and part of the LSEs.

100% Raw Food

24 ozzies OJ
32 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach/agave/sprinkle of cloves smoothie
28 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
3 tomatoes
4 banana “milk”
3 persimmons (ripe)
Guacamole with 1 small chopped tomato and chopped sweet onion on romaine leaves

I took the cordless phone I don’t use any more to my friend. I spent a few minutes before I left home taking out the phone numbers I had stored and I changed the ring to a snippet of a song. She was thrilled with it and had me show it off to her roommate. On my way back to the office, I was able to get the right person to go to her room and get her TV to work.

It was cool and very windy but I went outside and ate my tomatoes on the patio in the sun. I stayed 25 minutes out of my allowance of 30.

My friend’s family came in to see her. Her DD came to talk to me to try to get some advice about what she should do under the circumstances. I couldn’t advise her about anything but I gave her some names of people she should talk to.

The last box of persimmons came in today and it was in sad shape. Lots of the lemons had burst and leaked juice on some of the other fruit plus wet the box. I e-mailed Dario and he said they will send me a replacement box the first of next week. One of the persimmons had to be discarded and several of the others look like they are on their way to rotting where the lemon juice soaked them.

When I went to the post office, I stopped by the roadside stand and got some grapefruit. He’d dropped the price so I bought five.

I am sleepy! I got to bed fairly early last night and slept until the alarm went off this morning. Think I’ll go ahead and turn in.

Good night and, once again, happy Sabbath!

2 Responses to Happy Sabbath to one and all!

  1. irma November 10, 2007 at 9:49 am #

    Hi ,dear Tommie, Breda- 10-11-07

    I,m a big fan from your site. I,m from Holland, and almost everyone thinks i,m crazy, just eating raw ony. But i feel great!!! I have hypothyriodism, and i read you have that also. On one of the forums, i read that a women came off her medication, because she ate raw and
    seaweed everyday. Especially you need the jood from it because we raws don,t eat bread,
    and in holland they alway put jood in the breads. If you never eat seaweed, you do,nt get enough jood. And after a while you get tired etc. So this is a tip for you!! You can buy spirulina or nori, kelptablets, they have a lot of jood included. The doctors alway disadvice it, cause if we do eat it, tehy do,nt have anymore patients with hypothyriodie. Sorry for my english, i don,t know all the words correctly. So i hope i can help you with this advice, for i never see you mention any seaweed in your diet. You can put them in your green
    smoothies. I hope to get an email from you about this subject. I sent you all my blessings,
    love you!! Irma

  2. Tommie November 10, 2007 at 11:00 pm #

    Hi, Irma! Thanks for the tip. I can’t stand to eat any of the seaweeds. I have a lifetime supply of dulse and kelp and I gave the rest of my nori to my daughter. I do have a question. What is “jood”? Is that iodine? I’ve had my medication cut twice since I’ve been eating raw and I take half what I used to. I have been thinking about trying Lugol’s solution.

    Your English is much better than I’d be at writing/speaking your language. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be able to do either one at all. I appreciate your taking the time to leave me your comments. Not many people do that.

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