You’d never know I had that hour.

I’ve accomplished little today. As my BIL would say, I flubbed around all day, just about. I woke at my usual time which was an hour earlier by the clock. I lay in bed until I went back to sleep and had a hard time waking up again.

First order of business was exercising and I did all of them including a pitiful 51 second pushup.

100% Raw Food

40 ozzies OJ/strawberry blend
32 ozzies banana/romaine smoothie
Kim chee
Marinated mushrooms
3 persimmons (!)
1 plum
1/4 pear (it was rather astringent and I couldn’t handle the taste)
4 tomatoes with Tajin
Large salad of organic romaine, green curly leaf, cucumbers, sweet onion, tomato, dressed with cashew dressing

I called my friend and she was feeling much better today, so much that she’s talking about going back to her apartment. I’m just afraid she won’t take care of herself and she’ll end up where she started. She startled me by asking if I would be her POA. I refused. I don’t think that would be ethical in view of my employment. Another thing, I prefer being her friend. I ran out of minutes while we were talking and got cut off. I had one minute left when I called her back and told her we’d talk tomorrow.

It was time to get online and buy some more minutes. I got $10 worth which will do me a long time. It wasn’t long after when my DD called. I was able to call her back after I ate my persimmons.

This is a dinner plate. The persimmons covered the center of it. Seriously delicious.

I tried my cell phone ear piece. I planned to wear it and get things done while we talked but it didn’t work after all. When I called, merm told me I’d need to get a generic ear piece for those cordless phones. I asked him to have my DD call me back. We visited for well over an hour. She had some advice for me about the crock. One thing she told me was they had to throw out more than one batch of kim chee before they got it right. I hate to think about doing that. One of their tries smelled like compost.

Another development is that her blog, Novel Eats, is ready for public consumption. It’s a combination of book reviews with a slant toward foods in the books and recipes inspired by them. I think. It’s a unique approach, anyway, and enjoyable to read if I must say so myself. Since she and merm are vegan, she has to adapt her recipes to fit their eating habits. Come to think of it, I could make “jerky” with eggplant. Hmmmmmmmm.

I should have taken advantage of the nice day to hang out the laundry but I didn’t. It was ‘way too late to put it outside so it’s festooning the living room once again. I need to get another pair of pajamas. I put them on in the mornings when I spray my hair to keep the hairspray off my neck and shoulders. One pair kind of limits me. It gets pretty stiff with spray before it gets washed again.

Nothing exciting. That was my day. Hope yours was better. Good night!

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