The Honeymooners

Is the honeymoon over? I doubt it, but the trip to Colorado is. Following are a few pictures the bride shared with me and agreed I could post them here.

She didn’t tell me where this is for sure but it reminds me of Green Mountain Reservoir.

Rocky Mountains

Here’s another view of the mountains overlooking a bunch of “Quaker Aspirins” as my brother-in-law would call them.

More Mountains

A close-up of one of the trees…

Quaking Aspen

After that one, I asked if there weren’t any pictures with people in them. That’s when she sent me these—

The Happy Couple

The happy couple on the narrow gauge railway running through the mountains.

Mesa Verde?

She didn’t say, but this reminds me of Mesa Verde.

That’s it for the pictures. And now for the happily ever after…

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