I woke in the night to a gentle rain.

It soon turned into a downpour but it must not have lasted long. There was something like .25″ in the rain gauge this morning.

By the time I got around to exercising, I was able to BodyFlex and do my LSEs.

100% Raw Food

16 ozzies OJ
31 ozzies banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie
30 ozzies banana/romaine/red leaf smoothie
All of a large orange except for one section (it’s about as tasty as the juice oranges)
4 bananas/one apple (organic) Apples with Snow (again, delicious)
3 tomatoes with Tajin
Several romaine leaves with guacamole
1 cucumber

Close to noon it warmed up enough for me to go out and walk three laps. I picked up the speed to get my blood to pumping and boy! it felt good!

I was on the phone a lot of the day trying to figure out how I’m going to get the information I need for a report I’ve been asked to provide to justify the staffing. It’s going to be a huge project. I can get the data split out from January on but, before that, it will be a manual process. The report I’ll have to work from (and I’ll have to recruit help from the others) is for the whole health system. It will be like finding needles in haystacks. I’m getting great support from the people in IT. That’s gratifying.

Nancy still hasn’t been in touch with me so I guess this week is out as far as organic produce is concerned. I was hoping for some spinach by now but I guess the weather hasn’t cooperated.

I had to hurry to get things done so I could get out close to quitting time. I had thought about going to the organic market this afternoon but I’ve figured out a strategy. There were two heads each romaine and red leaf in the fridge. I washed them and, if I’m careful, that should last me through Sabbath. Then, Saturday night, I will leave Homecoming at the university and go to Aldi first since they close at 8 and swing by the organic market and get what I need before they close at 9. I called the university store today and they won’t open at all on Saturday night. They used to and they’d have huge sales of fake steak and phony baloney but they don’t do that any more. The woman talked like it was back in the Dark Ages when they did but I don’t think it was that long ago. That’s okay. I can get everything I need elsewhere.

The OPEN sign was still up at the Tomato Man’s stand. No sign of anyone but I stopped and got a cup of tomatoes. I had to use my change and get into my car wash money to make up the $3. I looked and looked for the cash box and didn’t see it. I went to the door and knocked but no one answered. I went back to the stand and finally spotted a sign that said, “God is watching you. Put your money in the box.” That’s when I saw the box sitting close to the sign. I did as it said, put my money in, and left. I don’t blame him for not being out there in the cool.

I was about starved when I got home. That’s when I had the Apples with Snow. I put just a smidge of ground cloves on them with the cinnamon and was it ever good! If I do it again, I’ll use a little less because it got to be just a tad overwhelming at the end.

The phones are pretty much set up now. I don’t have any numbers programmed in but I have Für Elise for the ringtone and the volume is as loud as it will go and it’s still hard to hear if I have the TV on. I may have to go to something less melodious. The whole thing doesn’t play on the phones, by the way. They are slick-looking little things and I really like them. It was nice of merm and my DD to think of me when they replaced them.

Twinkle has almost polished off her 4th medallion today. I’ll have to go up on her board bill if she keeps this up. She has a little over one bag of food in the freezer.

I think I’ve done all I’m going to do for today. It’s past my bedtime. I bid everyone good night and sweet dreams.

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